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“Oh my goodness! What a week! 2 asynclitic babies and a magical home birth” is the opening of an email I received this week. What is the cause of so many babies with their heads tipped to the side while they are in the pelvis?

Asynclitism Causes

We are seeking anatomical reasons at Spinning Babies®. These can be:

  • Rotated hips of the pregnant person
  • Compound presentations (a hand or foot alongside the head)
  • Uneven pelvic floor
  • Uterus tipped to the side
  • Water breaks and baby comes down on the pelvic floor fast and before straightening the head
  • A short cord might be draped over one shoulder pulling that side back


Techniques for Asynclitism

This head position invites techniques that will:

  • Soften the shorter or tighter side of the pelvic floor
  • Lengthen the pelvic floor muscles to, so-called, soften the pelvic floor
  • Align the pelvis so the uterus, ligaments, and muscles all line the baby up in one direction
  • “Misalign” the pelvis (putting one foot up) so the bones open asymmetrically

The techniques for asynclitism are the Side-lying Release followed by a side lunge.

Sidelying Release

The side lunge can be adapted to lying in bed with the use of a peanut ball or other positioning aids to have one leg up and over while one leg is straight and the upper knee is bent.


Make Room for Baby with Balance

By doing these activities, we are “making room for baby.” When baby is coming asymmetrically, bring the soft tissues into symmetry and bring the bony pelvis into asymmetry. Of course, we don’t mean to misalign the joints literally. We mean to pick a birth position which opens more space between the ischial spines, the bony protrusions halfway down the inside path of the pelvis.

For instance, in addition to those listed above, when seated on the toilet, put the left foot up on a stool and turn the right foot sole up and out, so the top of the big (right) toe rests on the floor to the right of the toilet. Change sides every three contractions and repeat twice for each side before standing and finding another asymmetrical position.

Remember the motto of Spinning Babies® is balance first! If you don’t begin with Side-lying Release on both sides, you won’t get maximum space in the midpelvis first. Then, tight muscles won’t move out of baby’s way as easily. In some births, making room is more important than in other births. We invite you to try fewer techniques by being smarter in your first selection.


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