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Your Pregnancy

with Spinning Babies®

Take a peek at what to expect each week of your pregnancy.

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Free Tools

Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises

Quick-start guide to balancing the Pelvic Floor

Labor Checklist

Techniques to help you during labor

Kick Chart

Keep a kick chart to note baby’s movements.


3 Ways to Shorten Labor

A guide to support pregnant people needing to be self-sufficient in labor

Birth Collaboration with Spinning Babies®

A conversation to your Birth Team

Latest Blogs

Products for Pregnant Parents

Daily Essentials

Balance your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position.

Quick Reference Booklet

A must-have for your birth bag!

Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Not your usual childbirth class!

Helping Your Breech Baby Turn - eBook

A self-directed 6-day program for pregnant parents with a breech baby.

Belly Mapping Workbook

Discover baby’s position by their kicks and wiggles!

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