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Site Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use

To use our Spinning Babies® Website, you agree:

“I hereby acknowledge that this electronic message with text, image, audio and/or video is protected by copyright and other laws and remains the intellectual property of Maternity House Publishing, Inc., and I hereby acknowledge that by using this subscribing to Spinning Babies® emails and/or enewsletters, I shall use this material for my own personal and archival use only, and shall not use this video or any portions of this video for any commercial or promotional purpose whatsoever.

I understand that I can not create websites, webpages, or social media posts with the Spinning Babies name, or post the logo. A license with Spinning Babies® allows a limited use of the logo and does not allow a url with Spinning Babies® in the domain name, nor a social media page with the name Spinning Babies®. Our Parent Educators and Aware Practitioners can’t have a main url with Spinning Babies name but do have limited use of the name as agreed in their contract.

I further acknowledge that I shall not otherwise disseminate or attempt to disseminate more than a short excerpt of 1-3 sentences of website material through any medium whatsoever, including, without limitation, any websites,, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, media, internet or other outlet.”

If you continue to use the website, you agree to the terms stated here.

I appreciate your support of Spinning Babies®. Following the ethics and legalities of a Terms of Use Agreement is how we protect Your relationship with Spinning Babies® and ours with You.

Gail Tully,

Spinning Babies®

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