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We are moving to a crescendo of change in how we live and how we care.

Water, food, and land issues are global concerns. Migration due to natural disaster, economic (including war) and water crisis is and will be a major condition for humanity for some time to come. People everywhere are offering creative and useful ideas and inventions.

A shift is occurring. The inventions and innovative systems of the individual will work their way into the global economic scale. People here and there, more and more, are taking personal responsibility for the care of our planet. Water creation tanks, ocean cleaning, reduction of plastic use, rain collection and solar power… At the same time, people are tuning into their bodies and taking better care of themselves by virtue of new discoveries in micronutrients, movement, and increasingly, how fascia functions.

Humanity at large is having a personal revolution. Health is moving from corporation-based health to taking personal responsibility and using the medical system as a partner for diagnosis and specific treatments when a more holistic approach is not effective. To restore and maintain body balance, bodyworkers are applying new discoveries in these micronutrients and movement, and are hungry to learn more fascia techniques.

Bringing our body awareness into our childbirth education and midwifery care will be advantageous in staying up-to-date with today’s health discoveries. Childbirth education with this new understanding of the body will revolutionize interest among parents. Having hands-on skills, rather than lecture-based classes, will bring parents in and then the social magic of the relationship with the Birth Keeper and the other parents will happen, too. Life just keeps getting more rich and rewarding!


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