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The Three Sisters

The “Three Sisters” refer to the Three Sisters of Balance℠:

  1. Rebozo Sifting
  2. Forward-Leaning Inversion
  3. Sidelying Release

These techniques balance the pelvis and surrounding areas for comfort, birth preparation, and labor progress. Use more myofascial techniques to achieve a fuller fascial freedom for structural support and comfort!


Success Story

I have met four clients and a friend with their breech and transverse babies for The Three Sisters during the last three weeks – four babies already turned head down. One of them deeply impressed the doctor when my client went for a check on Monday, the doctor did not expect baby to turn, I have no idea why… 

Now I’m waiting for the last one to go head down…  Did I ever mention that I love the approach and the techniques of Spinning Babies®? 

Sonia S.

Doula & Coach

Learn the Three Sisters of Balance℠ by watching the Spinning Babies Parent Class video:



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