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I love the yoga position called Down Dog, but it is not a forward-leaning inversion! Down Dog in yoga is good for lengthening hamstrings and opening shoulders when done correctly. Knees can also be bent. Down Dog offers a different set of benefits than Forward-Leaning Inversion.

Downward Dog and the Forward-Leaning Inversion accomplish different things. Both are good. We have anecdotal evidence that Forward-Leaning Inversion is better for releasing torsion in the utero-sacro ligament when the uterus hangs freely from this posterior ligament. Down Dog may not let the uterus hang freely, a requirement for the stretch receptors in the various cervical ligaments to activate.

Do Down Dog for happiness, to add length in the hamstrings for more pelvic flexibility, but do Forward-Leaning Inversion to make room in the uterus for baby to position well.

Down Dog just doesn’t seem specific to fetal repositioning. If you see a pattern that Down Dog is helping fetal position, share it. We all want to know!


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