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Jennifer and Jacky Bloemraad-de Boer CPM Midwife Lic.Ac., co-created JJ Doula Training, “JJ” for Jacky and Jennifer. With Joyce Hoek-Pula, they train doulas and offer workshops and lectures to midwives, nurses and gynecologists. We’re fortunate Jennifer shares her talented expertise with our pilot Trainer Training group!

Jennifer uses her production management skills to organize birth workshops, film screenings, and is actively involved in the Dutch organization “Geboortebeweging” (an organization dedicated to the rights of women during pregnancy and birth).

Canadian Jennifer Walker has lives in Amsterdam. In 2006 she left her career in theatre production and consulting to become a birth doula. She has two teenage sons and her partner Eric has a teenage daughter and an adult son.


“I’m sharing Spinning Babies wisdom in Oslo, Norway and and who should walk in the door? My neighborhood midwives from Amsterdam!! Thanks Vroedvrouwen van der Hoopstraat for joining me!!”

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“The workshop was mind-blowing, and a tour-de-force in the handiwork of teaching.  Clear, concise, passionate and to the point, with a sweet balance of fact, anecdote, discussion and hands on.” – Katrine Jonasen, CTO,

“I really think it was the best workshop I have attended for a long time. It’s hard to say what would have made it better. I came away inspired and eager to pass the techniques on to clients.” – Birmingham, UK, Participant

“Jen is so knowledgeable and made it all look easy. I was amazed at how well educated about the birth process Jen is. She definitely helped doulas be more respected and recognised among midwives here.” -Belfast, Northern Ireland Participant

“All my expectations and more were met. I left the workshop with new inspiration to help women in birth. And hope to help to prevent operative intervention.” -Oslo, Norway Participant


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Apr 13



… Because my mother had become a lioness mother, she had birthed me with her own power, she stood in front of that [nursery] window. And the nurses kept sending her away. And she kept coming back. And she said, ‘I want my baby!’
And she said they said to her, ‘No, no, no, because you will disturb the other women with your baby crying.’
She said, ‘If I can find another woman who wants her baby, can I have my baby?’
And of course, she found another mother. Who doesn’t want their baby?
I think at that moment a birth advocate was born in me.

It is with great Symmetry of Purpose that Jennifer Walker’s very first invitation to present Spinning Babies Workshop came from her birth town of St. George in Canada. A surprise to her to receive that invitation, but totally fitting, wouldn’t you say?