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37 Weeks Pregnant: Beginning To Be "Due"

“I embrace these final days and weeks of pregnancy, nurturing myself in body, mind, and spirit.”

“Due” is a continuum that is just beginning. While baby’s lungs are now mature to breathe air, and while all the organs have been in place for a while now, baby is still gaining advantages for life in your healthy womb! Thirty-seven weeks is on the early side of the range considered safe for a homebirth. Any earlier and a hospital birth is recommended.

Wherever you plan to birth, you’re in the final weeks of pregnancy. You may feel emotional, very ready, or not ready at all. This is all normal. Trust that your baby knows when to come. Take these next few weeks to truly take care of yourself. Take in beauty, pick or buy yourself flowers, spend time with those you love most, write a letter to baby, dance, nap, eat well, swim, and walk, walk, walk. Nourish yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

The “due date” given to you of 40 weeks gestation is just three weeks away, but remember to hold this date very loosely. Calendar time means nothing to your baby. Trust that your baby knows when to come and that even if others eventually refer to a post-40-week baby as “late”, your baby will be exactly on time.

Spinning Babies Activity of the Week

By now you have met with your doula once or twice, and your doula understands your birth preferences. If you haven’t begun already, begin practicing comfort measures with your partner and doula. In particular, look up and practice the Three Sisters of Balance and Fantastic Four. Your doula also may offer to attend a prenatal appointment with you to meet your provider. If so, this is a great team-building opportunity! If you haven’t hired a doula, but are reconsidering, begin your search ASAP.

Your Baby This Week

Weighing in at about 6 or 7 pounds, if you could see your baby now, they officially look like a newborn! Baby has less room to stretch out, so you may feel less movement, but you should still feel kicking.

You This Week

Your Braxton-Hicks warm-up contractions continue. You’ll know these contractions are leading up to labor when they become consistently stronger and closer together. You could notice bloody show (clear, pink, brown, or slightly bloody mucus) or lose your mucus plug. This indicates your cervix is beginning to efface, soften, and open. Keep in mind, labor could happen within a day, or within a week or two after this, but it doesn’t necessarily mean labor is imminent. If you’re birthing outside your home, pack your bag if you haven’t already. See our Week 35 for packing tips!

Weekly Affirmation

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that can affect your conscious thoughts. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and repeat the following to yourself each day throughout the next week. Fill yourself with breath and feel the joy:


“I embrace these final days and weeks of pregnancy, nurturing myself in body, mind, and spirit.”
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