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13 Weeks Pregnant: Welcome to Your Second Trimester

“My baby and I move and grow together, with ease and strength.”

It’s a week to celebrate! Lots of pregnant people are busy in the first trimester adjusting to the realities of pregnancy and parenting, with physical changes such as nausea and fatigue. Many feel so much better during the second trimester and experience a burst of energy. Cheers to your second trimester!

Now is a great time to begin thinking about maternal positioning. You might think that getting baby into a good position for birth happens in the third trimester. Here’s the real deal: It matters more what you’re doing now. Why? Because the maternal positions you choose in the second trimester shape the space you have available for baby to settle. Learn more below!

Spinning Babies Activites of the Week

Baby typically changes position from lying sideways to becoming vertical by the end of the second trimester. While most babies will be head down, about 15% will be bottom down, or “breech.” Let’s begin making space for baby now, by learning The Three Principles of Spinning Babies: Balance, Gravity, and Movement.

  1. Balance: Balancing your pelvic joints and muscles today means more comfort and easier birth later. Once the womb and the surrounding supportive structures are toned and symmetrical, pregnant people can find improved success from good posture. Many pregnant people support the balance they have with our Daily Essentials downloadable video.
  2. Gravity: A pregnant person’s ability to walk upright helps baby settle head down by 28-30 weeks. Your daily habits can influence how easily, or not, your baby can become head down. After balancing, learn how to Rest Smart, and how to use gravity now to promote ease in your upcoming birth.
  3. Movement: The pelvis opens better when it has been kept mobile and “symmetrical”. Walking, prenatal yoga and swimming are all wonderful forms of pregnancy exercise. I’ll say it now, and many more times in the coming weeks—walking each day for 20 minutes will make a huge difference in your pregnancy and birth!

We’ll dive deeper into each of these principles and provide helpful activities in the coming weeks.

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is 2.5-3 inches long and weighs about 1.5 ounces. Bones are beginning to harden, and your baby begins excreting urine, making amniotic fluid. [1]

You This Week

As you begin to feel less nauseated, eating well becomes easier too. You may be proud to make up for some whacky stuff you ate last trimester just to get through the day. Fresh veggies and foods closest to how nature provides them are the most nutritious. Eat an extra protein each day now, and identify your three favorite calcium sources. Mine are turnip greens, almonds, and yogurt. Eat small meals or healthy snacks about every 34 hours. Avoid sugar and junk food. You feel as good as you eat and move.

You might enjoy sex more now, too. Try some lighthearted exploration of new positions as your body changes over the next few months and the “belly-to-belly” or front-facing positions don’t match your emerging shape.

Weekly Affirmation

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that can affect your conscious thoughts. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and repeat the following to yourself throughout the next week:

“My baby and I move and grow together, with ease and strength.


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