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Your Pregnancy

with Spinning Babies®

Take a peek at what to expect each week of your pregnancy.

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Free Tools

Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises

Quick-start guide to balancing the Pelvic Floor

Labor Checklist

Techniques to help you during labor

Kick Chart

Keep a kick chart to note baby’s movements.


3 Ways to Shorten Labor

A guide to support pregnant people needing to be self-sufficient in labor

Birth Collaboration with Spinning Babies®

A conversation to your Birth Team

Latest Blogs

Scoliosis and Spinning Babies®

Scoliosis and Spinning Babies®

Scoliosis and Pregnancy Scoliosis is a misaligned curvature of the spine. The shoulders or hips may be uneven. Most births aren’t affected in a noticeable way by scoliosis. It doesn’t affect fertility or length of gestation. If the lower spine curves dramatically into...

Products for Pregnant Parents

Daily Essentials

Balance your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position.

Quick Reference Booklet

A must-have for your birth bag!

Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Not your usual childbirth class!

Helping Your Breech Baby Turn - eBook

A self-directed 6-day program for pregnant parents with a breech baby.

Belly Mapping Workbook

Discover baby’s position by their kicks and wiggles!

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