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Your Pregnancy

with Spinning Babies®

Take a peek at what to expect each week of your pregnancy.

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Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises

Quick-start guide to balancing the Pelvic Floor

Kick Chart

Keep a kick chart to note baby’s movements.

Birth Collaboration with Spinning Babies®

A conversation to your Birth Team

Labor Checklist

Techniques to help you during labor

Latest Blogs

Engaging Baby – Monthly Update

Birthing parents seek to begin their families with a birth that expresses the love they desire to show their child. Looking forward to being a parent can include: Being loved by a baby Parenting together, or Parenting so well that limitations attributed to single...

Four Restorative Techniques – Monthly Update

Message from our Founder While developing more finesse for our Spinning Babies® Parent Class, a delightful email arrives praising the benefit one woman received from the windmill exercise. This exercise is named after the lifting and rotating of our arms to achieve a...

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