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Host a Spinning Babies® Workshop

If you’d like to organize a workshop, simply fill out the form below.  We’ll find which Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer is available in your area.

“Organize a Spinning Babies® Workshop” Inquiry Form


Or, if you know the trainer you would like to invite, you can contact a specific Approved Trainer on the Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer Page.

Common questions about having a workshop.

How long is your workshop?

  • Spinning Babies is at least 7 hrs. Each Trainer sets their own workshop length.
    Some trainers offer a two day, 13-hour version with the same curriculum and more time for process and practice.

Will you have CEU’s available?  

  • Very often the answer is yes. ACNM has granted our 7-hour workshop .7 CEUs and DONA recognizes the basic Spinning Babies® Workshop with advanced doula education certification.  Ask the Trainer about CEUs for their workshop.
  • We are inquiring whether our workshops can apply to the requirements for CPMs seeking Bridge Certification.

Who takes a Spinning Babies® Workshop?

  • Birth care providers (Midwives, Doctors, Nurses) and paraprofessionals, doulas, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, and bodyworkers who work with pregnant people.
  • A Labor and Delivery Department may organize a Spinning Babies® Labor and Birth Workshop for hospital staff. Inquire by email. Content varies based on background of the Approved Trainer. Extra services may be involved.

Does taking your class mean that I will be certified?

  • No. A Document of Attendance is given (or sent later) but that is not a certification in Spinning Babies
  • You cannot take this workshop and claim to be trained in Spinning Babies
  • See the Terms of Use and Legal Use of Spinning Babies documents
  • You can show your colleague how to do a technique if your instruction is not part of a class, session, or presentation booked or described as our trademark name Spinning Babies or any of our service marks
  • You can use these techniques with pregnant and birthing parents!
  • You can’t advertise or use Spinning Babies services to promote your business without a contract and license from Spinning Babies, such as an Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer, Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator or Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner.

See the link on teaching Spinning Babies® under the navigational link called Community.

How much does it cost?

  • Each Spinning Babies Approved Trainers set their own fees.
  • Email the Approved Trainer for cost details. Email Gail@Sp…. .com
  • Organizers have options. Work with Spinning Babies office for registration details.

Spinning Babies WorkshopAn ideal spot is a large yoga studio or conference room with AV, mats, bolsters, and room for one massage table for every ten people or portion thereof.

Are there handouts?

  • Participants receive handouts, in paper form or as an electronic pdf sent through email per Approved Trainer’s preference. The workshop handouts are not the same as any of the products for sale, however, the Spinning Babies; Quick Reference and the video download Parent Class are the closest products to the workshop outline. The Quick Reference is a quick reminder of the techniques and when to use them. Without the workshop, using the Quick Reference will require a lot of time on the website. The Parent Class offers video instructions for parents on techniques also taught in the Spinning Babies Workshop that are useful to the provider in birth and pregnancy situations. For advanced learning on the provider level, download our video of a class by Dr. Carol Phillips, DC, – Better Birth with Body Balancing.

What size class do you need?

  • Each Approved Trainer will set their minimum (typically 24-30).
  • Class maximum is 36 including organizers and a seat for a Birthworker of Color or of a community whose statistically showing birth disparities. Income is not a factor.

What size room do you need?

  • Very large, open, carpeted room with AV. 20 x 25 feet is almost too small, 40 x 30 is better.
  • Room to move and walk around massage tables as well as seating.

Do I need to fill anything out?

  • There is a link here to add your interest for our trainers to select
  • You may also contact a particular trainer

What are the Spinning Babies Workshops?

  • Spinning Babies (There are continuing education hours)
  • Labor and Birth with Spinning Babies (A hospital must book this workshop. Lacks the pregnancy portion of the main workshop but is otherwise similar. More focus on labor solutions. Only for those that catch babies and L and D Nurses) Hospital-based trainings must be made with the office
  • Belly Mapping, Empowering a Mother to Identify Fetal Positioning (1-2.5 hours, no CEUs)

Gail also teaches:

  • Resolving Shoulder Dystocia (by Gail or Nicole Morales, 3 hours, 3 MEAC CEUs for CPMS. Midwives/Apprentices, Physicians, L&D nurses only)
  • Breech Basics (by Gail or Nicole Morales 3 ACNM CEUs)

Organizers sometimes set up multiple workshops in their area. Registration is through the Spinning Babies office. Exceptions, such as a hospital-based training, must be made with the office rather than the Approved Trainer.

What’s might an organizer do?

  • Consider the size of the local birth community, venues, and other factors for ease of filling a workshop.
  • Secure a venue, visit the venue, send pics and links, be sure of access 90 minutes before and an hour after the workshop. Arrive at and stay through these times and do set up and clean up tasks.
  • Promote the workshop locally, in emails, social media, and local events in the months before this workshop. Each Approved Trainer will have a list of tasks to help you arrange your time and efforts.Arrange for a massage table for each 6 participants, 2 pillows for each, yoga mats, a peanut ball and a birth ball or two in medium sizes. Add more balls if sizes vary.
  • Seek out a pregnant model in the third trimester for the second part of the morning of the workshop that meets the needs of the workshop. A pregnant participant can volunteer for this presentation if more than 32 weeks pregnant.
  • Provide and arrange healthy refreshments. Consider grain and gluten-free choices as well as low or no sugar.
  • Organizers arrange venue rental, AV, refreshments.

Thank you for helping to bring Spinning Babies® Workshop to your area!

Very good workshop.. My mind is pretty much blown. I really want my co-workers to attend this workshop. – A. Young, former L and D nurse, California

Before Booking a Location

Please let the Approved Trainer know about the location and the venue before booking it. Ease to the airport can be a consideration to let them know. For instance a 4-hour drive from the airport may require 3 days to teach and may not be practical at all times.

The room will be large, clean, carpeted (or with yoga mats, little rugs, etc.) private and with good A/V. A projector in the ceiling creates a far superior experience than a projector on the table for this workshop.
A waiting room of a birth center would have to be big enough & private…

Photos of your intended space (venue) are appreciated! Measurements may be required. Measure the room and include such helpful info in your email requesting a training.

Things to consider about location to make your workshop a success

  • Is the location in or near a favorite hospital or a regular doula or midwife meeting place? (Consider a conference room if it is large, private, carpeted, clean, centrally located, and free. Are doulas and midwives meeting there already?)
  • Is the actual site easy to access with off-street/free parking? Easy to travel to and from the airport in less than 2 hours?
  • Can the hostess and Approved Trainer arrive at 7 am to set up, or the night before?
  • Set up and clean up: 1 hr with help before class /1 hr after class in the room. (ranging ~7 am to 7 pm.)

Travel and Accommodations

  • Organizers are responsible to arrange ground transportation.
  • Private rooms in homes, hotel, or airbnb type arrangements are made by the organizer. Make the lodging onsite when possible or less than 30 minutes by car. Remember, you are arriving early!

What to do next if you would like to sponsor a workshop

Please send us or your chosen Approved Trainer an email with all your contact information: Put your city name in the subject line, like this: Minneapolis Spinning Babies; Gail.

In the email include your full name and title, address and zip of all sponsor/hostess(e/s) and sponsoring organization(s), the desired date(s) and workshop title(s). Later, send the name and address of venue, including zip code and room number, and if applicable, the registration link/process.

 Considering a Spinning Babies® Workshop

  • Check local birth/parenting events to avoid conflicts with dates.
  • Affirm space at the Venue on the dates you discuss with your trainer.
  • To assess interest, email your community. A potential host should get no less than 20 replies for Spinning Babies, 10 for RSD and Breech Basics before booking––remember, paid registrations are the only commitment taken. No spots are saved without payment. This number is to assess the market, The class is 36 including all seats, including organizers.

Location details

  • Easy driving access to a major city and safe, off-street parking!
  • Projector and white wall or screen.
  • Big, carpeted room
“Host a Spinning Babies® Workshop” Inquiry Form