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Host a Spinning Babies Workshop

If you’d like to host or sponsor a workshop, simply fill out the form below. We’ll find who is available in your area.

“Host a Spinning Babies Workshop” Inquiry Form

Or, if you know the trainer you would like to invite, you can contact a specific Approved Trainer on the Approved Spinning Babies Trainer Page .

Common questions about having a workshop.

How long is your workshop?

  • Spinning Babies is at least 7 hrs. Each Trainer sets her own workshop length.

Will you have CEU’s available?  

  • Very often the answer is yes. Ask the Trainer about CEUs for their workshop.

How much does it cost?

  • Each Spinning Babies Approved Trainers set their  own  fees.
  • Email the Trainer  for cost details.
  • The sponsor will pay transportation, housing, and a speaker’s fee. The hostess only helps buy refreshments.  See below.
Spinning Babies Workshop

An ideal spot is a large yoga studio (or conference room) with AV, mats, bolsters and room for a massage table for every ten people or portion there of.

Are there handouts?

  • Participants receive handouts, in paper form or as an electronic pdf sent through email. The workshop handouts are not the same as The Belly Mapping Workbook ($14.95 USD).

What size class do you need?

  • If you pay a speaker’s fee, there is no minimum.
  • If you host a workshop, each Trainer will set their minimum.
  • Class maximum is 30 plus yourself.

What size room do you need?

  • Very large, open, carpeted room with AV. 15 x 20 feet is small, 40 x 30 is better.
  • Room to move and walk around massage tables as well as seating.

Do I need to fill anything out?

  • Your Trainer will send an info sheet and a contract.

Does taking your class mean that I will be certified?

  • No. A Certification of Attendance is given (or sent later) but that is not a certification in Spinning Babies.
  • The approval status of the Approved Trainers is a long process with several pre-requisites. These are summarized on the Trainer page.

What are the Spinning Babies Workshops?

  • Spinning Babies: Labor Progress through Fetal Positioning (There are continuing education hours)
  • Belly Mapping, Empowering a Mother to Identify Fetal Positioning (1-2.5 hours, no CEUs)

Gail also teaches:

  • Resolving Shoulder Dystocia (by Gail only, 3 hours, 3 MEAC CEUs for CPMS. Midwives/Apprentices, Physicians, L&D nurses only)
  • Breech Basics (by Gail, 3 ACNM CEUs) Nicole Morales has an independent class on breech.

Often, Sponsors set up multiple workshops in their area. Workshops can be hosted by the one or multiple hosts.

What’s the difference between a host and a sponsor?

  • A sponsor takes registrations and pays the Approved Trainer a speaker’s fee.
  • A hostess exchanges a wide range of hostessing tasks in exchange for her seat in the class.

Both share almost the same list of tasks. The sponsor adds registrations and the financial burden on their list, the hostess pays only for refreshments. Sponsors pay for venue, refreshments, flights, ground transportation and speaker’s fee. Both promote the workshop locally, in emails, social media, and local events in the months before this workshop. Each Approved Trainer will have a list of tasks to help you arrange your time and efforts.

Thank you for helping to bring Spinning Babies Workshops to your area!

Very good workshop.. My mind is pretty much blown. I really want my co-workers to attend this workshop. – A. Young, former L and D nurse, California

Before Booking a Location

Please let the Approved Trainer know about the location before booking it. The room will be large, clean, carpeted (or with yoga mats, little rugs, etc.) private and with good A/V.
A waiting room of a birth center would have to be big enough & private… photos appreciated!

Things to consider about location to make your workshop a success

  • Is the location in or near a favorite hospital or a regular doula or midwife meeting place? (Consider a conference room if it is large, private, carpeted, clean, centrally located, and free. Are doulas and midwives meeting there already?)
  • Is the actual site easy to access with off-street/free parking?
  • Can the hostess and Approved Trainer arrive at 7 am to set up, or the night before?
  • Set up and clean up: 1 hr with help before class /1 hr after class in the room. ( ~7 am to 5:30 pm.)

Travel and Accommodations

  • Sponsors pay airfare and provide housing or pay hotel costs. It’s  more affordable if a two-day event is booked.
  • Hostesses don’t pay airfare.

What to do next if you would like to sponsor a workshop

Please send the chosen Trainer an email with all your contact information: Put your city name in the subject line, like this: Minneapolis Spinning Babies.

In the email include your full name and title, address and zip of all sponsor/hostess(e/s) and sponsoring organization(s), the desired date(s) and workshop title(s). Later, send the name and address of venue, including zip code and room number, and if applicable, the registration link/process.

 Considering a Spinning Babies Workshop

  • To assess interest, email your community. A potential host should get 20 replies for Spinning Babies, 10 for RSD and Breech Basics before booking––remember, paid registrations are the only commitment taken. No spots are saved without payment.
  • Affirm space at the Venue on the dates you discuss with your trainer.
  • Check local birth/parenting events to avoid conflicts.

Location details

  • Easy driving access to a major city and safe, off-street parking!
  • Projector and white wall or screen.
  • Big, carpeted room

“Host a Spinning Babies Workshop” Inquiry Form

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