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Host a Spinning Babies® Workshop

If you’d like to organize a workshop, you must first review all information on hosting requirements. After reviewing these considerations, fill out the inquiry form linked below.  We’ll consider the request to determine if a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer is available for your area.

Please allow up to 2 months for the request to be processed.

*Currently booking Spinning Babies® Workshops into 2021!*

To request a workshop in your area, fill out the “Organize a Spinning Babies® Workshop” Inquiry Form

To see the list of Approved Trainers you might invite, meet them on the Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer Page.

To learn more about Spinning Babies® Workshops and how they’re organized, read the FAQs below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Spinning Babies® Workshops?

Spinning Babies® Workshop – 7 hrs or 13 hrs 1- or 2-day version offered. .7 ACNM or 1.3 ACNM Continuing Education Hours (CEUs) available. This is 7 or 13 contact hours. The objectives are the same. The longer class spends more time with hands-on skills and adds 2 or more skills. The 1-day is more concentrated in presentation. Both can be used as a pre-requisite for an advanced 4-day training if you meet the other per-requisites for one of those workshops. Each Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer sets their own workshop length, but the workshops must be at least the hours listed above. Organizers sometimes set up multiple workshops in their area. Registration is through the Spinning Babies® office. Exceptions, such as a hospital-based training, must be made with the office rather than the Approved Trainer.

Advanced Trainings by Spinning Babies®

After taking Spinning Babies® Workshop some participants may be interested in a 4-day workshop. We have two options for specific purposes that are only open to people with experience with the background that suites the purpose of the class. These are not introductory trainings in a career, but supplement the knowledge of experienced professionals. Finishing all steps allows for a listing on the Spinning Babies® website. We grow our paradigm and community with these trainings.

1. Parent Education: Childbirth Educators may apply for a Certified Parent Educator Training as a step to prepare for certification as a Parent Educator. Prenatal Yoga Teachers (with certificate) are eligible as childbirth educators for this application. If accepted, attendance as a Parent Educator Training becomes an opportunity. This course does not teach additional techniques for body balancing but does prepare childbirth educators to teach parents how to do our basic and favorite techniques. You will not learn or be granted to have bodywork sessions or “turn a breech baby” sessions in this course. You can teach a small group or 1-on-1 pregnant people/couples how to prepare for birth with Spinning Babies® basic introduction. You can advertise that you give a Spinning Babies® Parent Class after successful completion of the course. There is an annual fee for maintaining your position on our Certified Parent Educator listing (for cost see our description).

2. Fetal Positioning and pregnancy comfort through bodywork:  Bodyworkers and providers with a scope of practice for hands-on care may then take the 4-day Aware Practitioner Workshop. This course does review our favorite techniques and adds several more that are within the knowledge base of a massage therapist. Midwives and nurses who wish to take this course should prepare with an anatomy book written for massage therapists. Prepare to be a local source for fetal positioning help. This course does not allow participants to teach Spinning Babies® to parents or providers. You can’t advertise a class in Spinning Babies® or teaching Spinning Babies®. You may show clients and their partners how to do most of the techniques you’ll learn on a one-on-one basis as you would show self care in any massage therapy session, when applicable. You can advertise that you offer a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner session after successful completion and application for the listing (for cost see our course description).

Midwifery Level Trainings by Spinning Babies®

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia with Spinning Babies® – 3 hrs Taught by Gail Tully, Rachel Shapiro or Nicole Morales. 3 MEAC CEUs for CPMS. Midwives/Apprentices, Physicians, and labor and delivery nurses only.

Breech Basics with Spinning Babies® – 3 hrs Taught by Gail Tully, Rachel Shapiro or Nicole Morales. 3 ACNM CEUs.

These two short classes are usually taught together in one day as a full day for midwives and other providers.

Commonly Asked Questions About Spinning Babies® Workshop

What is the difference between a 1-day Spinning Babies® Workshop and a 2-day Spinning Babies® Workshop?

In addition to the content presented in the 1-day Spinning Babies® Workshop, the 2-day Spinning Babies® Workshop adds:

  • Slower pacing, more hands-on time
  • Techniques to release the fascia and mobilize the sacrum
  • A case study of non-progressing labor to identify when Spinning Babies® concepts and techniques might be useful
Will you have CEUs available?

Very often the answer is yes. ACNM has granted both our basic workshops continuing education .7 or 1.3 CEUs which is 7 or 13 contact hours. DONA recognizes the basic Spinning Babies® Workshop with advanced doula education certification.  Ask the Trainer about CEUs for their workshop. Our three workshops listed here meet the requirements for CPMs seeking Bridge Certification.

Who takes a Spinning Babies® Workshop?

Birth care providers can take our Spinning Babies® Workshop (midwives, doctors, nurses) and paraprofessionals, doulas, childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, and bodyworkers who work with pregnant people. Providers can take our midwifery level or provider level classes. A labor and delivery department may organize a Spinning Babies® Workshop specifically for their hospital staff by using the form at the top of this page. If you have a special request, please inquire by email at

Does taking your class mean that I will be certified?

No. A Document of Attendance is given (or sent later) but that is not a certification in Spinning Babies®. You cannot take this workshop and claim to be trained in Spinning Babies® as an Approved Trainer’s level of expertise takes a career’s experience plus a year of Spinning Babies® training. See the Terms of Use and Legal Use of Spinning Babies pdf. You CAN show your colleague or client how to do a technique, of course.  You CAN NOT replicate the curriculum or copy the content or material to teach a class, session, or presentation booked or described as  Spinning Babies (our trademark name) or use any of our service marks to teach or promote. Please DO use these techniques with pregnant and birthing parents! To use Spinning Babies services to promote your business you require a contract and license from Spinning Babies®, such as those who have become a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer, Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, or Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner. Learn how you can teach Spinning Babies® here.

How much does it cost?

We offer two types of arrangements: Hosting a Workshop: Organizers who are interested in hosting a workshop are responsible for the venue and refreshments. In return, you will get one free ticket. Some Approved Trainers offer another free ticket after a certain number of registered participants is met. Registration is taken through the Spinning Babies website or Eventbrite. Sponsoring a Workshop: Organizers who are interested in sponsoring a workshop are responsible for access to the venue and refreshments. The sponsor will take registration payments and will compensate Spinning Babies® with a percentage of the ticket sales and a flat fee. Each Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer sets their own ticket price. Once you are connected with a trainer, you will discuss ticket price, access to venue, food and beverage, A/V equipment, massage tables, pregnant models, printed materials, CEU documentation, merchandise sales, and other details. Organizers have options. First, contact the Spinning Babies® office for registration details.

Spinning Babies WorkshopAn ideal spot is a large yoga studio or conference room with AV, mats, bolsters, and room for 4-5 massage tables and floor space.

Are there handouts?

Participants receive handouts, in paper form or as an electronic pdf sent through email per Approved Trainer’s preference. You are not given the slideshow. The workshop handouts are not the same as any of the products for sale. The Spinning Babies: Quick Reference and the video download Parent Class are the closest products to the workshop outline. The Quick Reference is a quick reminder of the techniques and when to use them. Without the workshop, using the Quick Reference will require a lot of time on the website. The Parent Class offers video instructions for parents on techniques also taught in the Spinning Babies® Workshop that are useful to the provider in birth and pregnancy situations. For advanced learning on the provider level, with details of complications in newborns due to fetal positioning, download our video of a class by Dr. Carol Phillips, DC, – Better Birth with Body Balancing.

Is there a Scholarship available?

Yes. We offer a scholarship to a birth care provider, doula to doctor, who is a member of a community that has been shown to have a statistically worse birth outcome than the main population of the country in which we are offering the class. In the USA, this will be a Birth Worker of Color (In another country, this might also be a provider of birth care who is a member of a community statistically showing birth disparities, such as Romany or a resident of a restricted geographical area). Income or student status is not a factor in our scholarship. Since each scholarship is also a financial commitment from Spinning Babies® and our Approved Trainers, we have chosen to give our scholarship commitment to a member of a community with proven birth outcome disparities in order to do the most good in the world. Whether you are eligible or not eligible for a scholarship in this format, consider being an organizer if you have skills in organizing workshops.

Do I need to fill anything out to request Spinning Babies® to host a workshop in my area?

Fill out this form. You may also list a particular Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer if you have a preference.

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