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When To Get Pregnancy Bodywork

If Balance Is Important, What’s an Imbalance?

Imbalance is when a muscle, ligament, or fascia is too tight, too loose, or the ligaments or organs are twisted. For instance, the lower uterus can get a twist in it after a sudden stop such as a fender bender in a car accident.

What might we be experiencing in our bodies that shows we might benefit from addressing imbalance in the muscles, ligaments or fascia?


When To Get Pregnancy Bodywork

Invitations to Act are the red flag list for pelvic or uterine imbalance and may include:

  • Discomfort in pregnancy
  • Previous labor longer than 24-48 hours,
  • Fetal malposition or a position that sometimes is challenging
  • Previous tipped uterus
  • Previous car accident, or other sudden stop in gravity, even if mild
  • Sport or work movement that twists and stops, like softball or golf, throwing hay bales, giving chiropractic adjustments…

Begin with the self-care activities and move towards seeking professional help. Someone who understands pregnancy and soft tissue work seems to be ideal. Some Osteopaths or Chiropractors have additional training in soft tissue releases. Gentle methods seem to go well with pregnancy and work wonderfully with the fascia (connective tissue). See Professional Help for who to refer to.


When To Get Bodywork During Labor?

  • When self-care practices, such as the Fantastic Four techniques for labor are not helping labor begin or advance
  • After you try the techniques and birth positions indicated for your situation
  • Before you feel depleted or exhausted or just too frustrated

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