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Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators teach the in-person Spinning Babies® Parent Class.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class
Babies have a very important and active role during labor — your job is to dilate; your baby’s job is to rotate! Babies must navigate through your pelvis to be born. The Spinning Babies® Parent Class is an ideal opportunity to learn techniques to help bring balance to your body and address any restrictions in your pelvis in order to make birth easier. Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help make room for baby. After this class, you will better understand how your baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful— even pleasurable! For expectant parents only.

CPE announcement for an Online, Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class 

Spinning Babies® community members are working harder than ever to offer accessible help for comfort in pregnancy and building confidence for parents. In light of the current health crisis, the recommendations for social distancing, the added demands on healthcare professionals, and the isolation expecting parents are experiencing our community of Spinning Babies® Certified and Provisional Parent Educators are now offering Online Guided Spinning Babies Parent Classes.

Contact a Spinning Babies® Parent Educator to learn about their package offerings which include:

  • Spinning Babies® Online Parent Class video streaming/download
  • Digital Spinning Babies® Parent Class Materials: a Companion eBook, Daily Pregnancy Activity Guide, Labor Guide, and More!
  • A private or small group video conference session to support you, answer your questions and practice techniques.

Each SpBCPE has their own offering and you can contact them directly to find out more! We encourage you to look for someone local to you whenever possible as they will have insight and knowledge particular to your community.

Carolina Lorentz Beltrão Rezende de Aguiar

Doula e Psicoterapeuta Corporal
Address Brasília-DF Brasil Phone: +55 61 98101-5530
Photo of Carolina Lorentz Beltrão Rezende de Aguiar

Biographical Info

Apaixonada pelo que faz, Carolina acompanha famílias na jornada de trazer um novo ser ao mundo. Deseja ser fonte de suporte, acolhimento e informação.

Iniciou sua atuação como doula em 2015 após testemunhar o nascimento de seu sobrinho. Carolina tem formação em Core Energetics e TRE – Trauma Releasing Exercises, é mestre em educação pela Universidade de Melbourne e sua outra paixão na vida é viajar.

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