Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners

The following list of bodyworkers and birth workers have completed Spinning Babies® Professional Bodywork Education requirements for being listed on our website, including two Spinning Babies® Workshops.

Spinning Babies Aware Practitioners have been trained in a bodywork protocol intended to allow:

  • Comfort in pregnancy
  • Spontaneous change to a more optimal fetal position, where space is available in the womb
  • Progress and less pain in labor
  • Baby to move themselves into the new space made by reducing tensions and torsions in muscles and ligaments


Each practitioner will offer techniques according to their title, scope of practice, and skills. For instance, a doula will not offer all bodywork techniques in which a massage therapist or Chiropractor may. A birth worker (doula, midwife, nurse, or doctor) will not have the full range of bodywork knowledge. This may or may not limit results. Results occur on an individual basis.

Practitioners on this listing agree not to manipulate the baby’s position (push, turn) by their hands unless they are a doctor or midwife trained in external cephalic version (ECV).

Spinning Babies does not assume risk. Decide upon a course of care with your practitioner that you find comfortable and safe.

How to become a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner.

Abby Persoleo

Address 208 N Meadow St Ithaca, NY 14850 USA Phone: 607-272-0006
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Dr. Persoleo supports pregnant women to have a comfortable and empowered pregnancy and birth.

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