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Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training

To be certified as a Spinning Babies® Parent Educator:

  1.   Complete one Spinning Babies® Workshops at least 3 months before the training and within the past 3 years.
  2.   Take the SpBCPE Training by completing the 4 day training in its entirety.
  3.   Your first 3 classes (group or one-on-one) must be completed within 2 years of the date of your training.
  4.   Provide to the Spinning Babies Office the following documentation for your first three classes.
  • Completed evaluations (provided in training) with class dates and locations from your participants
  • Submit evaluations of your classes/trainings due within 2 years by one of the following:

Digital: We provide a Google Doc form for online submission of evaluations (Preferred).
Email option: Combine all evaluations from each class as a single pdf.

      5. Each Certified Parent Educator must agree to represent Spinning Babies by adhering to the following the Values, Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice and these confirmation statements:

I confirm that:

  1.  I am teaching parents with the most current materials available through Spinning Babies.
  2.  I am teaching only Spinning Babies approved material.
  3.  I am teaching how to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for the easing of childbirth through balance, gravity and movement.
  4.  I am teaching within the limits of the scope of my practice.
  5.  I fully comply with the legal and ethical standards, values and professional principles set forth by Spinning Babies.
  6.  Once certified, you will receive class materials including: a Spinning Parent Class slideshow and handouts; and Parent Class Companion eBook; Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator instruction manual.

Certification and Listing On Spinning Babies Website

  1.   Join in on any or all of the Certified Parent Educator Webinars offered by the Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers following your in-person training.
  2.   Use Spinning Babies® brand and teaching agreements fairly and correctly.
  3.   Renew your certification as a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator (SpBCPE) each year.

Upon certification an annual fee of $195.00.

 The annual fee will include:

a)   List You as a SpBCPE on the Spinning Babies website
b)   Provide you with an SpBCPE logo for promotional use
c)   Online webinar for Certified Parent Educators
d)   Affiliate commissions
e)   Provide class materials including: a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator instruction manual; Spinning Babies® Parent Class slideshow and handouts; and Parent Class Companion eBook
f)    Provide ongoing curriculum changes to be integrated as they are updated

Each year you have an opportunity to continue your license agreement with Spinning Babies. We keep this simple by having an automated process. After we have received your annual fee, you will have access to updated materials:

  • Updated teaching material
  • Updated slideshow
  • Continued listing on Spinning Babies website
  • Continued logo use
  • Continued use of the title, Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator
  • Continued affiliate commissions

 Participate in an online Recertification Class every 3 years.

  • Complete this class to continue your license agreement after the three-year mark
  • New certificate with current years
  • Technique additions, updates and review
  • Literature review (related to class curriculum)
  • Spinning Babies updates

Attend and pass an online Recertification Class every 3 years.

Should you choose to not recertify, you will no longer be able to use any Spinning Babies® component including the name or variation of the name, teaching materials or logo. The “continuing obligations” of the previously signed contract will be in effect.


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