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Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t access my account or I can’t reset my password.

Please email us at with your order number, using the same email you used to sign-up for your account.


I purchased a video and did not get my login credentials.

Thank you for your purchase.  We are very sorry you have not been able to view your video.  You should have received an email titled “Access your video!” with instructions and login credentials.  Please search All Mail for this email as it sometimes is filtered to promotions or spam folders.  If you are unable to locate your information please contact


I have purchased Daily Essentials and/or Parent Class, but clicking on the videos in the community portal takes me to the shop. How can I access my videos again?

One solution is to clear your browser’s cache. Here is a link to instructions on how to clear your cache in most common browsers: Alternatively, you can use another browser to access the community site. If neither of these work, please email us at, and we’ll help you restore access to the videos.


What’s the difference between the Parent Class video and the Daily Essentials video? Which one should I get?

With Daily Essentials, you will get a guided exercise routine that you can follow along with. With Parent Class, you will review some stretches you can do during pregnancy and labor and explanations about the physiology of birth, but it does not contain prenatal yoga instruction. If you still have questions, feel free to send us an email at


Can I purchase Spinning Babies digital products as a gift for someone else?

It is possible to buy a digital product for another recipient. Enter your information for billing but include the recipient’s email address for the delivery of the product. Please note: the email that contains the digital product may go to the recipient’s junk mail and therefore, they may not see it if they are not expecting anything from Spinning Babies, so it’s nice to let them know that it is on its way.


I purchased a video before August 2018, and I can’t access it.

If you have purchased a video before August 2018, the transaction would have been through Vimeo. Please login to your Vimeo account to see the videos you have purchased. If you no longer remember your login information, please contact Vimeo support.


How do I become an affiliate?

In order to become an affiliate, you must have an account with Spinning Babies®. You can create a new account using our Sign Up page. The payout of commissions will come through PayPal. Please sign up using the email address associated with your PayPal account or create a PayPal account using your Spinning Babies® account email. Then, email us your request at with your website and social media pages using the same email address. You will receive promotional materials and affiliate links in a follow-up email titled, “Spinning Babies Affiliate Program”.


I want a Spinning Babies® Workshop in my city

Thank you for your interest to bringing Spinning Babies to your community!  Please review the requirements for hosting a workshop.  If you are interested to host please click the form at the bottom of the web page and provide your information.  We will review your request and, if possible, put you in touch with a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer who can discuss with you how to organize a workshop.


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