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I love the sound of this:
“…need more The Belly Mapping Workbooks.
Sold the last one I had this morning”

Writing connects many members of a community. I wrote to pregnant women and their doulas, and yes, to the young midwife. Our community is much broader! Certainly, educators, caregivers and grandmothers, yes; but also book sellers, photographers, producers and all walks of supportive people! Amazing!

We’re going to meet more as Angie Wiechmann, my editor, and I go to the 50th Anniversary Mega Conference for Lamaze and ICEA Sept 30 to October 3. We’ll be the ones in exhibit hall painting bellies, listening to pregnant women, showing a few techniques in our 10 x 10 booth, and oh, yes, selling The Belly Mapping Workbook!

Come visit the blog. Spinning Babies Blog.

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