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Like all matters of the heart,
As in all true passions of art,
Birth calls for the fullness of your commitment.

To give ourselves fully is to be met fully,
For Spirit responds as is trusted.  
Birth brings us face to face with mystery.

Don’t do the following techniques if there is bleeding or possible bleeding from the placenta: Forward-leaning Inversion, Side-lying Release, Dip-the-Hip, Rebozo Manteada (sifting) of the abdomen, or any actions that jolt or shake the body (shown in this website or not). In a tiny number of pregnancies the placenta peels from the womb before birth and we do not want to aggravate a placenta that has shown signs of abruption or partial abruption.
Be gentle with abdominal sifting with the Rebozo or other cloth when the placenta is implanted on the front wall of the uterus. This means you can do it, but not in a way that is shaking or pulling hard on the abdomen. I don’t recommend that in any situation but certainly not with an anterior placenta.
Don’t go upside down in Forward-leaning Inversion or Open-knee chest or yoga inversions if you have high blood pressure, preeclampsia, or other risk of stroke. People often forget how long FLI is recommended or how to prevent a fall and recommend it without these safety points. Please read the description on the page.
Don’t do Side-lying Release if you have super loose joints. You will get pain from it. Everyone else gets comfort from this! Hypermobility is a contraindication.
In all things, our physiology isn’t optimal in the moment when forced to do something we don’t want to do. Spinning Babies® is a no bully zone.

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