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When Baby Lies Sideways – eBook


Help baby turn head down and have the birth you want with When Baby Lies Sideways, a self-directed program for pregnant parents with a transverse or oblique baby developed by Gail Tully, creator of Spinning Babies® and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).

Gail discovered consistent results for the baby in a transverse lie from the Forward-leaning Inversion (FLI) created by Dr. Carol Phillips, DC. Gail shares her wisdom in this program, which will teach you how you can help your baby move from sideways or oblique to head down. Many transverse babies are head down within 48-hours of a day of focused activities.

“Thank you SO much for saving me all the pain of carrying him sideways and avoiding a C-section!”

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When Baby Lies Sideways could help you if:

  • The doctor scheduled a cesarean because your baby is sideways in the womb
  • The doctor offers an external cephalic version to manually turn the baby head down by hand
  • You’re in the third trimester of pregnancy and your baby is not head down, but is lying sideways in a transverse lie, lying diagonally in an oblique lie, or changes into any of these positions frequently in what’s called an unstable lie
  • Your midwife or doctor referred you to Spinning Babies® for information about what you can do that may help your baby find room to move head down
  • You don’t have medical reasons that would contraindicate Forward-leaning Inversion, like bleeding from the placenta, or high blood pressure
  • You want to avoid a cesarean or any other significant intervention in childbirth

Within your body is the physiology of fetal positioning. And within your body is the physiology of self-compassion. This eBook offers a plan of action to be done with compassion. Activating your physiology with a good plan gives you and your baby an excellent chance for a birth with a head-down baby.

We believe you and your baby are together in this adventure of life. One thing is certain: by the end of this program, you will have learned more about yourself that you can apply to life and parenting.


Where is my eBook?
Once purchase is complete, the eBook will be available for download by clicking the button that says, “When Baby Lies Sideways – click to download the PDF.” You can print the eBook only once. You can view it on one device. Do not download it to a device you can’t print from.


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