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Spinning Babies Parent Class DVD


Not your usual childbirth class! Spinning Babies Parent Class DVD is unique preparation for a more comfortable pregnancy.

Renowned midwife, Gail Tully, offers practical know-how for birthing naturally in today’s modern civilization. You won’t learn this approach anywhere else!

How are you?!?  I wanted to tell you that I finally managed to watch Parent Class and I LOVED IT.  What an incredible resource for mothers and their birth partners!  It brought together so much information from your website in a clear and organized way.  I feel bad for not having watched it sooner, however, my little sister is due in 3 weeks with her second daughter and I am trying to provide her with all kinds of resources.  I sent her the Daily Essentials months ago … 

“You made such a difference in my birth experience (and life experience, for that matter) and I want every mother I meet to hear about you and your work.  My midwife even organized a Spinning Babies event in Guadalajara this coming October 3rd after having attended my birth and seeing how “in love” I was with your wisdom.  Planet Earth is so blessed to have you.  This sounds like an outlandish statement, but it really isn’t.  To stand back and consider the effect your work will have on human history is mind boggling.  I love you!!! 

“Kudos again on the video and many thanks for the great resource. J “

Parent Class shows you how to:

  • Avoid unwanted and unexpected cesarean surgery for lack of progress
  • Use the Fantastic Four balancing activities for pregnancy and labor
  • Tips for flipping breech or transverse babies in pregnancy
  • Engage baby by early labor to shorten labor and avoid surgery
  • Overcome a posterior or transverse arrest
  • Tell if labor is progressing normally or has a stall that you can resolve!

Mixes midwifery values with modern body balancing, Gail’s optimistic handling of fetal position challenges in pregnancy and labor show you how to add pregnancy comfort, labor ease and avoid cesarean surgery. Start sooner than later! Parents across the globe are using these techniques….and they’re working!

Do you want it now? Stream and download it for $26.99 here.

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