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Spinning Babies® Integration Workshop – Thurs, Oct 15


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Spinning Babies® Integration Workshop

You took a Spinning Babies® Workshop. You’ve used our approach at births. You are seeing better outcomes… except in those mysterious cases. Come explore the next level of understanding in this in-depth workshop. This workshop is reserved for providers  and birth workers who have taken the Spinning Babies® Workshop.*

Assess “Where’s Baby?” with more insights into the Three Levels of the Pelvis. Gain solid protocols to help fine tune physiological solutions. Build community and have fun while deepening your Spinning Babies® skill set.

This workshop helps you integrate the material covered in our full day (or 2-day) Spinning Babies® Workshop. We are continuing a conversation and study of a specific set of knowledge and protocols.

Prior attendance in a Spinning Babies® Workshop is required. You will need to be using our approach in your practice before arriving for the Integration Workshop.


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