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Resolving Shoulder Dystocia


Resolving Shoulder Dystocia offers practical and immediate solutions for this life-threatening childbirth emergency. Step-by-step, recognize and resolve five types of shoulder dystocia by matching the best from midwifery traditions and modern obstetrics. Learn how the shoulders are stuck and which technique is the right one to free the baby gently and quickly. By far, the most precise explanation you will find on shoulder dystocia.

Gaskin’s, Running Start, rotation, and bringing out a posterior arm are here, along in Gail’s FlipFLOP memory tool. See her potentially preventative “Pelvic Thrust.” Understand when McRoberts’ will work — and when it won’t. Reduce panic when you match the technique. Midwives share stories of how FlipFLOP saved babies without injury and bad outcomes.

Practice along with your own doll and pelvis to gain confidence.

This is the full video from the 2011 DVD that is no longer in production. Watch it when you have strong internet. Download to the device on which you do your charting to view offline. Note: Purchasing this video does NOT equal the right to share it in public. This is for private use only and can not be shared for payment or for free in a class or public viewing.

Gail teaching in Brazil

Gail in Brazil at Sia Parto Conference with 800 Obstetricians and Midwives. This is not a scene from the video.


Manikin and doll show how a midwife brings out the posterior arm.

Gail at MANA showing how all-fours position gives clear advantage in bringing out the posterior arm. (Midwives Alliance of North America Conference, 2010) This is not a scene from the video!

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