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Quick Reference Digital Download

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You’ll receive a Spinning Babies email with a red link to download this digital file.  You can print once. You can view on ONE device. Do not download it to a device you can’t print from.

Designed by my 6 Spinning Babies Approved Trainers to review concepts and know “when to do what.”

All doulas, professionals, and parents will benefit from this reference. These reference directions make the best sense after attending a Spinning Babies Workshop or viewing the Spinning Babies, Parent Class – a 2 hour video class streaming, download, and DVD options.

16 pages help the birth professional put new Spinning Babies concepts into action; 4 pages on pregnancy and 10 pages on the birth process (the virtual cover make up the other two). 5 of the pages include unique solutions for common issues of long or painful labor or stalls in the birth of a head-down baby.

How Christine Catherall did her cards.

Here’s how Childbirth Educator and Doula Christine Catherall of CAPPA and DONA did her cards!

Where are my cards? They weren’t in my box with my book or DVD?
That’s right, they are downloads, which means you click on a link and get a pdf in your internet downloads folder.
The link is on the Spinning Babies email you get the same day you order your Quick Reference Download. Click on the link ABOVE the instructions that say to click “below” Quick Reference.


*NOTE: This is a digital download only, not physical cards. Print it one time!

You’ll get two emails. One is your receipt from Paypal. One will be from Spinning Babies with a red link to download your Quick Reference. See the instructions to click on the link “below” but that isn’t right! Click on the link above the instructions! You get one download, put it where you can print it and refer to it at a birth. Have a problem? Email me your receipt and explain the issue, I’ll make it right.

  • Laminate your printed version
  • Print it at half size to save money, ink and paper, have the Printer arrange facing pages
  • Punch a hole in the upper left corners and use a key ring for a handy reference.
This purchase gives you access to one PDF file. You download it once. You can print it once from that download. Enjoy!
Didn’t receive your Spinning Babies email with the PDF? Please check your Spam folder. Still no email? Please let us know right away at To ensure future messages arrive in your inbox, please add our email to your contact list.
Buy ’em, Print ’em, Reach into your birth bag or the drawer at the nurse’s station to check instructions on
  • Rebozo Sifting
  • Forward-Leaning Inversion
  • Sidelying Release
  • Identify non-engagement
  • Solve a transverse arrest
  • Support the cervix to dilate (don’t force it)
  • Open the outlet
    • and more!

Special thanks to Rachel Shapiro and Julietta Appleton for additional editing.
Match the techniques you’ve learned in the workshop or online. Link to the website.

Praise for the Product:

“I just purchased your new Quick Reference cards and they are fantastic. I am enjoying sharing the link for others to purchase them since I think it will help so many doulas, midwives and moms!” – Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI, Founder/Director of Hypnobabies


You will get a Spinning Babies red and white email sent to you immediately after purchasing this download. Click on the link above the directions!

26 reviews for Quick Reference Digital Download

  1. Crystal Sada (verified owner)

    These are magnificent! Just like all the work Gail does. Top notch! For the price you can’t get better. Thank you Gail for helping those of us who teach parents to do a much better job!!

  2. Joni Nichols

    These cards are EXACTLY the supplemental material that will make the Spinning Babies concepts far easier for educators, doulas, midwives and doctors to teach and share. Who doesn’t like having a concise review at their fingertips? I call my cards my paper version of an external drive!! Thank you to the trainers for creating such a practical tool.

  3. Nella (verified owner)

    An excellent resource…Thank You!

  4. Connie Machan

    Already in my doula bag, laminated and ready for quick consultation. I do all the balancing exercises in my prenatals but now have these lovely color cards to show clients both in pregnancy and during labor.

  5. Chris McBride

    This is a handy reference for helping determine what can be helpful in the moment! I have referred to this with clients prior to labor and during labor many times and it has definitely made a BIG difference!! <3

  6. Christine Catherall

    Great addition to my doula bag! I printed them and laminated them to make sure they are sturdy and totally reusable for many years!

  7. Adriana Zammit (verified owner)

    Very useful and easy to understand. Simple short instructions. Very good guide

  8. Ellen (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed implementing spinning babies into my practice as a midwife. It makes a lot of sense to ‘make space’, and really encourages women and gives them something practical to become active participants in their pregnancy, labour and birthing process. To see such positive outcomes is wonderful! Using this quick reference guide has been very convenient and practical, also allowing me to share this information with other midwives, inspiring them to grab hold of the same passion to partner with women for the best outcome possible for each unique situation.

  9. Manjari Santhanagopal (verified owner)

    I love everything about spinning babies!!!!all the best!!!!

  10. Tanah (verified owner)

    I love how simple these references are! I was able to create a handout for my clients.

  11. Alissa C. (verified owner)

    I have this quick reference book in my doula bag for review of all the helpful info Spinning babies offers.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Mindy B. (verified owner)

  15. Rákosi Dóra (verified owner)

  16. Karen N. (verified owner)

    Great information. I am excited to get staff in an actual workshop.

  17. Coral S. (verified owner)

    This has been such a handy way for me to refer and make sure I have the positions perfect and to show parents why and how they are doing them. It’s perfect

  18. rubiya ziaudeen (verified owner)

    Myself as a Doula, Birth Educator, I tried Side-lying Release and Forward-leaning Inversion to one of my clients.. Her labor went into spontaneous…she is a vbac mother as well… As a Doula, I found it effective in all the techniques and worth to buy the products in Spinning Babies shop.

  19. Delainey (verified owner)

    This is an excellent resource! I use it at nearly every birth and absolutely recommend it.

  20. Stefanie (verified owner)

    Great resource. Some of it is a little technical and seems for professionals… but great to have in the birth bag!!

  21. Corinna M. (verified owner)

    Great succinct summary of all the things I have learned through Spinning Babies! This is a good tool for my support team who may not be as familiar with the material as I am.

  22. Tammy Leland (verified owner)

    The Quick Reference is very helpful. Thank you.

  23. Kate (verified owner)

    As a nurse with Labor and Delivery experience, I am thrilled with the information available on the Spinning Babies website. While assisting a friend during her pregnancy and labor, I utilized many of the Spinning Babies techniques and positions. I found this resource a few weeks before my friend gave birth. I decided to laminate it for longevity and was so happy to have it on hand as my resource guide to direct me in my thinking process as we assessed fetal positioning and her labor pattern. A great tool to have!!

  24. Hillery P. (verified owner)

  25. abbey (verified owner)

    Amazing product!

  26. sufina manocha (verified owner)

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