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Daily Essentials Video Digital Download

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Buy streaming video access and a digital download of Daily Essentials for $16.99!

Gail Tully, midwife, and Sarah Longacre, international prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula, offer a unique instructional video for comfort in pregnancy now, and in your upcoming birth. These daily activities begin balancing your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position. You’ll get:

  • Daily Activities, a gentle 35-minute stretch routine
  • Move Smart – tips for walking, standing, getting in and out of the car without sparking sciatica, and more!
  • Rest Smart – because Gravity works 24/7. Play the flashlight game. Why how you sit matters.
  • Forward-Leaning Inversion demo
  • Sarah Longacre’s 28-minute Blooma Yoga Flow

Enjoy this amazing video — it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen! 79 minutes.

Looking to buy the DVD hard copy? Get it here. Overseas purchase? It’s better to get the download.

Where’s my Download? Troubleshooting 101:

  • You get two emails, one is a receipt confirmation, you will not get a link on that email.
  • The other email has the link. It sometimes goes to a spam folder. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away. It is emailed to you within 10 minutes to the email address you used to purchase it with.
  • If you get neither a receipt or a link email you did not finish your purchase.
  • You can watch the video online by logging into the Spinning Babies Community or you can download it to your computer. The file is too big to download to a phone.
  • Make sure you have lots of room on your device before beginning download.
  • Some browsers download stuff better than others. Trouble with Firefox on your PC? Click here.

Note: Purchasing this video does NOT equal the right to share it in public. This is for private use only and can not be shared for payment or for free in a class or public viewing.

3 reviews for Daily Essentials Video Digital Download

  1. Wattle Johnson

    I just downloaded this video – it is great and I highly recommend it! I have suffered from back and pelvic pain, so my midwife suggested I check out your site. Thank you for making such a great pregnancy resource 🙂

  2. Miisamaisa (verified owner)

    Great video – Yoga Flow is such a good routine to do almost daily. The yoga has helped my lower back pain and I think also made more room for the baby and me to breathe and feel comfortable. I recommend this highly!

  3. Susanna Kocher Vaughan

    I just had my first birth on Friday, and I wanted to say how grateful I was for Spinning Babies Daily Essentials. I did them 3-5 times a week from about week 34 and then daily for the last 2 weeks of my 40.5 week pregnancy. They helped Baby settle into LOA, and stay there, they helped me cope with the discomfort of late pregnancy, and I’m convinced, helped my active labor to be the short 9 hours it was, with no complications and very very minimal tearing. Thank you so much! I highly recommend it.

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