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Shake The Apple Tree

Shake the apple treeShake the Apple Tree? Loosen the fruit by giving the branch a rhythmic jiggle!

This is a technique to go with Open-Knee Chest, or more simply, a laboring woman can lean over a counter/dresser or such. Jiggling will release muscles that a woman often can’t release with her mind during the short time of labor. Shaking the Apple Tree can be done with your hands or your rebozo. Jiggle vigorously with some pressure for about 20 minutes. Listen to the mother to make sure she finds this relaxing!


MT Conference Oaxaca 2002. Partera Angelina Martinez was my influence. And although I learned it from her it was long enough ago where Im sure i have changed her traditional methods along the way ( which matters). As a student I assumed everyone knew how to use a rebozo. I use it between contractions for at least 3 or for 15 minutes. Ill use the couch or bed as an incline as well. She was awesome. I’d love to sit with her and learn again knowing what I know now. I’ve never called it anything in particular. Love you Gail!

-Nicole Franklin Morales

I was taught a technique in my doula training that was called apfel-schtuken (if i remember correctly). sounds like it might mean “stuck apple” in german. but it was where the mom was on hands and knees rocking forward and backwards. as her doula, i was positioned behind her and when she was at the closest point to me in her rocking, i gave both her sits bones a gentle yet firm “thunk” sending her forward again. It’s a little awkward to do, but i got a baby to get out of a funky position he was lodged into using that technique one time. Sometimes apples need a little help, ya know!

-Amber Kay