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“And then the bodyworkers showed up…”

I LOVE this quote from Gail that I have scribbled in my notes from her story that began the SpBAP training about how Spinning Babies® evolved to what it is today.

Training Designed for Bodyworkers

As a doula and massage therapist specializing in prenatal massage, I was delighted to find that Spinning Babies® was offering a training designed for bodyworkers. I had become VERY familiar with Spinning Babies® paradigm and technique in my Doula work, and had great success with it. But I became more and more frustrated with how often my clients were struggling with difficult labors from malposition! And that sometimes all the techniques were applied correctly and baby just wouldn’t budge! So when I found out there was bodywork I could do prenatally to assist in balancing the mother’s body to prevent torsion in the uterus and wonky babies, a new passion was born!

I completed some amazing training with Dr. Carol Phillips, but when I saw that Gail was gathering a GROUP of all the bodyworkers that helped build Spinning Babies, I felt that she had made this training just for me! I was honored to be a part of the first practitioner training.

I was NOT disappointed! The instructors brought a wealth of knowledge from their field and helped me gain a deeper understanding of this work from different perspectives. We did lots of hands-on work, and I really appreciated the time spent on communicating the bodywork to clients and other care providers for referrals. But one of the best parts of the whole experience was spending time and learning from such an amazing group of birth and bodyworkers doing inspiring things in their communities around the world!

I incorporate the techniques learned at this workshop every day in my practice, and have seen amazing results! We have such an opportunity as body workers to make a difference in the comfort of women’s pregnancies and ease in their births. THAT is changing birth on earth!!

Cora Crain

Cora Crain, LMT, CD
Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner
Owner, Balanced Mama

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