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How may I teach Spinning Babies®?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a stronger member of our Spinning Babies community.

Many of our participants and readers want to share Spinning Babies. Taking a workshop or studying this website is not enough to start teaching. You need legal permission to use Spinning Babies names and brand.  Without this license a trademark violation occurs when someone lists themselves as teaching Spinning Babies or being a Spinning Babies instructor or practitioner. You can show your parents how to do a technique and you can list Spinning Babies® Workshop on the list of classes you took, but this is quite different than being trained in Spinning Babies to promotes your company services. Using “Spinning Babies” name or our service marks in a class, webpage, url, or curriculum is not a public right. Let me help you understand more. We do want to share ways you might like to join your talents with our movement.


A common question is, “Can I become a Spinning Babies instructor?”

We have Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators. Our Parent Educator Training is  open to applicants who are already childbirth educators, and registered prenatal yoga instructors (500 hours, plus prenatal training). We have changed our pre-requisities to include proof of group instruction or certification as a CBE. Our CPEs are licensed to teach Spinning Babies® Parent Class to parents, not providers, and have a limited use of our logo which is described in the program. This is not open to midwives or Osteopath/Chiropractors who present a class on their services or topics to parents; it has to be comprehensive childbirth education or the listed prenatal yoga for registered yoga instructors.

Our Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers are selected individuals demonstrating community leadership who already teach birth care providers. A midwifery model of care practice with doula role understanding, internet business and marketing skills, and a deep integration with the Spinning Babies paradigm in practice are characteristics sought. Approved Trainers teach providers our Spinning Babies® Workshop and some also hold Spinning Babies® Parent Class. This is a very involved path for providers of physiological birth care. At this time, we are exploring the future of this program. It is too soon for expectations. Choose one of the other options while you work on the skills listed in this paragraph.

We have a listing of Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners who are primarily bodyworkers or hands-on birth workers such as nurses and midwives. Many hold massage therapy, Chiropractic, or other such certificates or licenses. The listing describes each person’s qualifications. We have a complex pathway to be eligible for the listing. Applicants go through several steps and pay an application fee for listing.

First, please read #s 1 and 2 to be legal and in tune with our community.

2 Legal and fair use of Spinning Babies in your work

2. Use of this website

3. Spinning Babies® Workshop

This is the basic workshop to introduce the Spinning Babies® approach. 7 hours. This workshop is for Birth care providers, not parents. A scholarship spot is available for birthworkers or pregnancy workers of Color, contact the Spinning Babies Approved Trainer listed as the faculty of the workshop. Those working with pregnant people may come, such as childbirth educators, prenatal yoga teachers, chiropractors and bodyworkers, and nurses doing triage in antenatal.

This workshop is required before attending either workshop #4, #5 and before becoming a trainer (#6, trainings of this level are by invitation at this time). We ask you to allow time at births or serving pregnant people between workshops so you can gain experience with our approach before training for a title with Spinning Babies. 

4. Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner

With this designation, a bodyworker, or a midwife or nurse who shows proficiency in fetal positioning within their specialty. The Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner has learned bodywork applications and protocols for fetal positioning, pregnancy comfort and overcoming stalls in labor. Practitioners follow their professional scope of practice.

When an experienced provider attends two Spinning Babies® Workshops (#3) and the Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Workshop they are eligible to apply for the Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Listing on this website.  This is not a license for teaching providers the Spinning Babies® Workshop and this is not the Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator designation or license. Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners may promote themselves and their services using the Spinning Babies name and designation on their website when linking to us.
Read more here.

5. Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators

A Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator uses our structured module in group and one-on-one education with the Spinning Babies Daily Essentials and Three Sisters of Balance. Spinning Babies Parent Educators may use the Spinning Babies logo and designated curriculum to teach pregnant parents. This is not a license to train doulas or professional colleagues/providers. So the Parent Educator won’t go back home and teach a class to the midwives of their hospital, for instance. This is for childbirth educators who are already giving classes. Enhance your established childbirth education offerings with a Spinning Babies Parent Education module. Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators may promote themselves and their services using the Spinning Babies name and designation on their website when linking to us.

 Learn more here.

6. Next time there is a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer training, this is what I’m thinking at this time:

For Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers, we are choosing specific providers with experience in all 5 areas of birth-related leadership:
  1. Is or has recently been a provider of physiological birth care, experience in supporting a natural childbirth in various situations (long labor, VBAC, back labor without epidural, etc.).
  2. Is an amazing teacher who uses props and stories to illustrate abstract concepts in group settings.
  3. Is a community leader in a birth topic. Shows evidence of being that person who others turn to for knowledge and networking. (President of a non-profit, runs a resource center, speaker, etc.)
  4. Is a successful small business person with accounting, social media and internet skills, understanding and able to show success in filling classes or workshops by their own promotional talents.
  5. Shows integration of Spinning Babies in their physiological birth care practice, has stories of testimonies from their own use of Spinning Babies and understands and can explain how and why the techniques chosen were successful, for instance, identified and solved a lack of engagement in labor, or a deep transverse arrest, etc.


Gail says, “Thank you for your passion to share Spinning Babies®. I will be working towards making this dream come true.
We hope to have a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer Training available in 2021, but it is too soon to plan for your attendance.
We must develop our office to be ready for the many trainers who will need organizing with contacts, listings, services, products, etc. first. These trainers will go through an exacting application to make sure the trainer is a strong match for our paradigm and an excellent teacher. Future trainers are gutsy, they get the paradigm and they are wholeheartedly helpful!
For now, is it possible for you to attend a Spinning Babies® Workshop to prepare yourself for further training? There will be a long process of Spinning Babies Trainer Training with internet meetings and home work and coming together in a week long gathering in the USA or Europe. I so hope we can collaborate for the sake of your birth work.


The Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer:

  • Team player and “Third Alternative” thinking (Stephen Covey)
  • Knowledgeable about racial disparities in their country and US
  • Provider who has let go of previous birth ideologies. Experience using the Spinning Babies approach
  • Skills for being an ambassador in a new way of seeing birth
  • Skills for caring communication and teamwork with organizers and participants
  • Skilled organizer of workshops and classes that they themselves teach
  • Communicates well with myself

Interesting details on my mind:

I realize I will best serve my plan ahead by inviting specific educator/providers rather than sorting through applications and email requests. Once invited, an application process begins. I’m considering opening a modified version of the trainer to birth care providers in 2020 to a wider provider population.

I would suggest anyone interested in becoming a trainer attend workshops #s 3 and 4; or 3 and 5, to develop a relationship with Spinning Babies and myself. This is not a guarantee, it is a risk you assume to connect us in familiarity. Teaching is the most important skill after use of the approach. Develop your teaching and community action in a team-building style. Be the go-to person in your circles.

Geography, language diversity, and reducing disparity are factors in choosing trainers when the above skills are also met. For now, I wouldn’t have two trainers close in geography unless to do so would significantly serve communities with different language or cultural needs. But after 2020 I may not restrict access based on the locality of other trainers.

A doula would have to have tremendous skills in leadership and teaching and a transformative working relationship with midwives, doctors, and nurses.


The Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer shows competency in the deep dynamics of Spinning Babies and in their teaching providers and parents.

Thank you for holding this vision of a carefully laid out, future Spinning Babies expansion with me. I hope to empower my community to spread the message while enhancing your birth work as well.