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Thank you for your interest in becoming a stronger member of Spinning Babies community. We are in a growth spurt – a first trimester, if you would! You will see more as we develop!

Many of our participants and readers want to know how they may share Spinning Babies. Here are some ways to join your talents with our movement.

  1. Legal and fair use of Spinning Babies in your work pdf download
  2. Use of this website
  3. Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner

This is a designation that a bodyworker or birthworker is proficient in Spinning Babies for helping a pregnant parent prepare for and ease birth, The SpBAP conducts a protocol for both pregnancy comfort and to overcome potential stalls in birth. Birth and birth preparation protocols are outlined in the Spinning Babies Quick Reference Guide and in the approved Professional Bodywork Education Workshops and private online member area. Practitioners follow their professional scope of practice. This is not a license for teaching providers about Spinning Babies and this is not the Spinning Babies Parent Educator. It is specifically for providers of pregnancy and birth services to fine tune and then promote their practice with education under the Spinning Babies brand. Read more here.

4. We are beginning a Spinning Babies Educator Training for Parent Educators. This is a training on presenting a limited class on Spinning Babies to parents. This does not include a license to train doulas or birth providers. This is to enhance your established childbirth education offerings. Applicants are already experienced Childbirth Educators:

  • Certified and experienced in a Childbirth Education program already, or documented and proven experience

  • Currently teaching groups of parents

  • Website or social media presence

  • Internet savvy to communicate in today’s world with our website programs

  • Demonstrates teaching with references and video

  • Uses props and adult education in current classes and can show this

In addition to these pre-requisites to apply for our training, the Spinning Babies Parent Educator applicant can show that they are able to

  • Integrated with actual Spinning Babies paradigm
  • Apply for and take an extended training program
  • Completes the necessary pre- and post- training tasks for acceptance
  • 3 valid references, 2 professional and 1 parent

5. Next time there is a Spinning Babies Approved Trainer training, this is what I’m thinking…

A small hand picked group, like the six current Spinning Babies Approved Trainers, who share the required skill set:

  • They are an experienced teacher to other birth care providers (midwives, nurses, doctors, doulas)
  • Parent Educator
  • Birth practitioner, most likely midwives well versed in physiological birth and also Spinning Babies
  • Independent contractor, business owners and self directed service providers
  • Community leader in birth with networking and public speaking
  • Midwife or midwifery assistant plus the above


The Spinning Babies Approved Trainer:

  • Team player and “Third Alternative” thinking (Stephen Covey)
  • Knowledgeable about racial disparities in their country and America
  • Provider who have let go of previous birth ideologies and use a midwifery model of care transformed by Spinning Babies
  • Skills for being an ambassador in a new way of seeing birth
  • Skills for caring communication with organizers and participants
  • Skilled organizer of workshops, already
  • Communicates well with myself

I realize I will best serve my plan ahead by inviting specific educator/providers rather than sorting through applications and email requests. The limitations of hand-selection are balanced by the advantages of relationship histories and knowledge of their teaching skills. Once invited, an application process begins.

Interesting details on my mind:

Geography, language diversity and reducing disparity are factors in choosing trainers when the above skills are also met. For instance, I wouldn’t have two trainers close in geography unless to do so would significantly serve communities with different language or cultural needs.

A trainer is a provider or, if all other qualifications are strong, may be someone who assists providers in responsible role of caregiving. For instance, a doula would have to have tremendous skills in leadership and teaching and a transformative working relationship with midwives, doctors and nurses.

The Spinning Babies Approved Trainer will understand the deep dynamics of Spinning Babies and is able to teach effectively to providers and parents.

How Spinning Babies Approved Trainers serve birth and Spinning Babies

The Spinning Babies Approved Trainer is an innovative leader in their local community moving birth ahead of the status quo by understanding the issues faced by birth workers and parents.

I depend upon Spinning Babies Approved Trainers with great confidence in the responsibilities as a voice for Spinning Babies.

Steps in the broadest sense, but not the details expected:

Attend births, or be a pregnancy body worker (we hope you attend births!)

Attend first Spinning Babies Workshop

Attend births, or be a pregnancy body worker (we hope you attend births!)

Attend second Spinning Babies Workshop

Attend a training as either a Spinning Babies Parent Educator or a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner

Complete other related tasks such as references, tests, etc

Sustain the scope of practice and ethics and values of Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies will have a Parent Educator program for experienced, likely certified Childbirth Educators starting in April in the USA and possibly in Brazil, Europe and Australia in the following 18-months. There is a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner for Bodyworkers if you are a bodyworker. We have a place among Aware Practitioners for certified doulas and birthworkers. See the listing.
Either of these longer programs allow for a limited use of the Spinning Babies brand logo and name. Both require two full Spinning Babies Workshops for eligibility along with certification in the field they enhance. Allow time between Spinning Babies Workshops to attend births with the Spinning Babies paradigm for integration before teaching (parents for Parent Educators or providers for Spinning Babies Approved Trainers) or practicing (Aware Practitioners) with the Spinning Babies name.

Learning and living naturally bring us to change. I’m not different. I openly share the changes in my future vision with you, my community, here.

Explanations of this and more will be described as the program is developed.  There will be a link here then as well as promotion through our online enewsletter.


Thank you holding this vision of a carefully laid out, future Spinning Babies expansion with me. I hope to empower my community to spread the message while enhancing your birth work as well.