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Tammy Ryan

Tammy Ryan, AdvCD/BDT (DONA), SpBT is an international teacher and speaker in childbirth. Tammy began her Spinning Babies exploration during her very first year as a doula in 2003. Tammy is also an active birth doula trainer whose curriculum is approved by DONA International.

Tammy Ryan loves teaching the Sidelying Release with the side stretch addition.

Tammy trains extensively and can be booked for workshops back-to-back with Spinning Babies® Workshops such as a DONA Approved Birth Doula Training or When Survivors Give Birth (Phylis Klaus and Penny Simkin’s provider training for providers of birth care serving the sexual abuse survivor in pregnancy and childbirth).

It was incredible, educational, fun and inspiring! She did an awesome job presenting the information in a way that made sense. Shortly after coming home, I was able to apply what I learned with one of my clients, who had an amazing birth. I am sure you hear this all the time, but Spinning Babies® is world changing.

Dallas, Texas, Participant

I’ve been an LDR/LDRP RN for almost 29 years, and the class that I attended with Tammy Ryan has truly opened my eyes to a new way to look at labor. Our nurses (there were 11-12 of us that attended this session) just can’t stop talking about and sharing the things we learned.

Donna McQueen

Just finished my first amazing Spinning Babies® Workshop! Spinning Babies is an amazing approach to child birth, that I hope to be teaching soon! It was so awesome to be in the same room with so many passionate women about birth just like me! And we an awesome instructor Tammy Ryan! It was such a privilege to learn all these techniques for a better and healthier birth! I’m bursting with excitement for my next workshop and parent education training! I’m ready to be the best doula ever!

Jenny Katze

*She did begin teaching Spinning Babies® in-person preparation module to parents as a Certified Parent Educator in Virginia, USA! Go, Jenny!

Today I had the pleasure of representing the doulas of MamasteFit®️ at our very first Spinning Babies® Workshop led by the legendary Tammy Ryan and it was amazing! It was an honor to learn from one of the birth worlds pioneer educators.

Jessie Donohue

Tammy’s Upcoming Workshops

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