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Nikki Zerfas is an experienced Labor & Delivery nurse. Nikki actively participates in the orientation and mentorship of new staff and works to bring educational opportunities to her colleagues, with emphasis on implementing physiology-based birth practices, continuous labor support, and emphasizing breastfeeding-friendly care of new families. She is especially focused on supporting physiological birth in complex medical situations. Nikki maintains her certifications in Electronic Fetal Monitoring and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She continues to work as a bedside nurse at a teaching hospital and enjoys bringing birth workers of all disciplines together in the goal of improving the care and outcomes of new families.

Inspired at a very young age with a desire to witness the world and it’s many cultures, Nikki Zerfas studied communication, education, and languages (most notably French). Originally from South Dakota, she eventually moved to the southwest of France where she worked for a study abroad company, a magazine and book shop, and a high school. After 10 years, Nikki returned to the US to become a nurse and found her passion of working with patients at all points in their perinatal journeys. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington and enjoys travelling any time she can.

Nikki’s Upcoming Workshops

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