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Anna Maria Rossetti is an independent midwife, Director of the post graduate School of Midwifery Art set in Florence, Italy, international lecturer, and author.

Anna Maria works internationally offering lectures and workshops on the theoretical and practical aspects of PsychoNeuroEndocrinePhysiology (PNEP) applied to pregnancy and childbirth. Anna Maria has a Master Degree in Posturology and Manual Therapies and in Continuity of Care in Midwifery and teaches manual treatments to treat stress during pregnancy, during labour with a special attention to the autonomous nervous system during difficult labours and births. She is experienced in treating vaginal, perineal and abdominal childbirth related scars, both under the physical and symbolic, emotional aspects.

She has co-authored books targeting Universities about PNEP in pregnancy and childbirth and she is author of many articles as partner with the Editorial Board SEAO (Florence, Italy). Her goal is to help bring peace back on birth, putting together midwives, doctors, doulas, with new knowledge about physiology and giving strength and recognition to women’s knowledge about their sexual passages and healing power.

Anna Maria’s Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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