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Spinning Babies Community Crowdfunding Appreciation

Our campaign is finished.

We have a list of contributors and which gift we would like to give them.

If you are a contributor here is the story:

We only had one person contribute towards an App and that will have to wait!

The education module is being re-worked and is nearly finished. Most contributions were towards this goal and it is coming along. It had to be revised when beta testing showed it to be a bit heavy on slides.

We are hoping to have the parent e-book that goes with the Spinning Babies Introductory Slideshow which is part of the education module this summer, as well.

The ebook and hard cover is still in outline and early stage. But I have a lovely helper and an eager and excellent editor.

I’m hoping by the conference time. You will receive notice. Keep me updated if you change your email address.


Thank you so much for every thing You do and for helping us do what we do best, too!



Gail Tully,

The Spinning Babies Lady