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We offer a new paradigm for your birth practice. We want to check in with you! Please check out this self-guided check up and see how our Spinning Babies® paradigm is working and where you might add to your satisfaction by using our approach.

Check Up

Do you feel your use of Spinning Babies® is reducing the cesarean rate for the birthing population you work with? In what other ways do you feel your integration of Spinning Babies is improving your professional birth care? If you want a weekly topic or insight relating to fetal position please sign up for our free provider enewsletter.

Do you experience:

  • Long labors shortened?
  • Obstructed labors freed?
  • Back pain eased?
  • General labor and pushing pain eased?

Our Spinning Babies® Workshop offers different techniques for:

  • Inlet or -3 Station or above
  • -2 Station and not descending even with strong contractions
  • Midpelvis or 0 Station, give or take 1 centimeter
  • Outlet, baby’s head becomes visible with a strong contraction or nearly so

Furthermore, our provider emails and blog posts have some tips for a locked sacrum, most typically noticeable by the birth worker by a well positioned baby stuck at +2.

We Want to Hear from You!

To share stories, discuss workshops, products, and general topics, please email

Thank you for being with us!

Gail Tully


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