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Four Restorative Techniques – Monthly Update

Message from our Founder While developing more finesse for our Spinning Babies® Parent Class, a delightful email arrives praising the benefit one woman received from the windmill exercise. This exercise is named after the lifting and rotating of our arms to achieve a...

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Sidelying Release in a Case of Pre-Eclampsia

Spinning Babies® enthusiast Maíra Libertad, prominent midwife and midwife educator in Rio de Janeiro just received a very beautiful story of Sidelying Release (SLR) success and felt that you would like to know! An OBGYN was taking care of the woman and told her this...

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2020 World Confluence in Sunshine Coast, Australia

Spinning Babies 2020 World Confluence October 16-18, 2020 Join us in Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia for a confluence of birth and body work through the view of Spinning Babies® The Spinning Babies approach offers enrichment to all settings...

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Dip the Hip – Monthly Update

Message from our Founder Gail here. Finding out that January is International Creativity Month just makes me smile. The creativity of the birth giver in labor is something to study. Here is where Spinning Babies® emerged. I observed women giving birth, felt their...

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Complying with the Birth Plan

The last two posts have focused on listening to the birth giver. We continued listening by returning to the birth plan as a diagnostic tool (see previous post). Now we see where and how we, as providers, can comply with their birth plan for the purpose of better birth...

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Communicating the Body Sense

Observing an Invitation to Act Let us approach the labor with a calm, quiet, observation. We observe the response to contractions. When observing signs of a disconnection to labor because of pain or low morale or a struggles to self regulate as an invitation to act,...

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Too Tired to Try Spinning Babies?

“I am a doula and need your help. Very often by the time my women get into hospital they are too tired to cooperate and try to do Spinning Babies exercises. What do you suggest in this scenario?”   Dear Doula, Let’s explore the use of Spinning Babies® as a...

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Reflections on 2018 – Monthly Update

December of 2018. May I congratulate you on coming to the finish of a year of growth. The year began with insight and ends with insight, but the middle was a dig, wasn’t it? This year saw slightly better and improving awareness of health disparities confronting black...

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Formula? or Wild Food?

The title of this post is a play on words about choosing between a protocol or not for what to do for an unusual situation at a birth. Formula or wild? I was recently at Karen Strange’s Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop. I so enjoy Karen’s brilliance in taking the...

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When Not to Use Spinning Babies® Techniques

You can always “use” Spinning Babies®. Spinning Babies as an approach for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth can be a way of seeing what is going on. We can take that approach further into noticing fetal position as a clue to choose body balance and labor easing...

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Bums Up

Flip a Breech? What we teach here at Spinning Babies® is a gentle, body balancing approach. We begin with the principles of Spinning Babies; Balance before Gravity and Movement. For pregnancy self-care or things to do at home, we include five main techniques to turn a...

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Where’s the Physiology?

Hi, Spinning Babies® Community. I was excited about the collaboration of Gloria Esegbono, OB, and Joy Palmer, Midwife, on a hashtag that also speaks to us: #WheresThePhysiology. Dr. Gloria says, “The common catchphrase today is 'Where’s the Evidence?', not just for...

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Origin Story

Let’s return to basics. This information will help you when a birth colleague asks you what you are doing when you are doing techniques suggested on the Spinning Babies® website.   Why is one person’s birth easier and another’s birth harder when both share the...

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Stretching Types

I’m often finding myself self-tightening when I hear my colleague say “stretch the ligament.” But my reaction is not logical. Just five minutes before I’ve said the same thing: Stretch! So why the visceral reaction to the word stretch? While saying it, I know I’m...

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Pain Pattern Before Engagement – Monthly Update

Pain Pattern Before Engagement When labor is active - contractions are strong and frequent - but baby remains high, check to see if baby remains high in the pelvis or is yet above the pelvis. At -3 Station, baby’s head is right at the entrance to the pelvis, the...

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