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Becoming a Spinning Babies Trainer

Trainer Training is under construction. I can not even say when… Simply not before 2018 and possibly after.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a trainer.

Will There Be More Spinning Babies Approved Trainers?

From 2013 through 2015 I traveled to many cities and recruited several  potential trainers. Of these, six birth leaders become trainers in 2015 and one more in 2016.  I interviewed over a dozen possible trainees for 2016. However, balancing the cost of training proved too much for such a small group to support and a second training was not held. The time commitment is vast. I was asking experienced provider/educators already successful in their fields to make a huge commitment to a career change when they were already busy.

So this year I ask,

How may our current Spinning Babies community best serve the world now? What is the most effective use of our resources?


The answer is to develop the Childbirth Education Module and a community of Parent Educators who will be able to educate pregnant parents. Our expanding Parent Education community will introduce me personally to the skills and styles of these instructors. See more below the trainer info.


Who will be Spinning Babies Approved Trainers?

As we grow to serve birthing parents, I may meet some along the process who might become future provider trainers.

This may be a small hand picked group, like the seven current Spinning Babies Approved Trainers, who share the following skill set:

  • Excellent teachers of providers and parents
  • Community leaders in birth with networking and public speaking
  • Team player and “Third Alternative” thinking (Stephen Covey)
  • Providers who have let go of previous birth ideologies and use a midwifery model of care transformed by Spinning Babies
  • Skills for being ambassadors in a new way of seeing birth
  • Communication and follow-through experience with myself

I realize I will best serve my plan ahead by inviting specific educator/providers rather than sorting through applications and then trying to meet applicants and assess their integration of the paradigm. The limitations of hand-selection are balanced by the advantages of relationship histories and knowledge of their teaching skills. Once invited, an application process begins.

The Spinning Babies Approved Trainer will understand the deep dynamics of Spinning Babies and is able to teach it effectively to providers and parents.

A trainer is a provider or, if all other qualifications are strong, may be someone who assists providers in responsible role of caregiving. For instance, a doula would have to have tremendous skills in all other areas and a fantastic working relationship with midwives, doctors and nurses as well as the community leadership and teaching background.

How Spinning Babies Approved Trainers serve birth and Spinning Babies

The Spinning Babies Approved Trainer is an innovative leader in their local community moving birth ahead of the status quo by understanding the issues faced by birth workers and parents.

I depend upon Spinning Babies Approved Trainers with great confidence in the responsibilities as a voice and teacher for Spinning Babies.


Learning and living naturally bring us to change. I’m not different. I share the changes in my future vision with you, my community, here.

Explanations of this and more will be described as the program is developed.  There will be a link here then as well as promotion through our online enewsletter.


Thank you holding this vision of a carefully laid out, future Spinning Babies expansion with me. I hope to empower my community to spread the message while enhancing your birth work as well.