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Spinning Babies® in Australia

Traditional wisdom meets modern research. “Relearn” physiology to reduce dependence on surgical birth.
Nothing short of a birth revolution.

“I use these techniques with every laboring mom I care for and they help every time! I’m so glad I took the class!”

Tina Kippes

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Spinning Babies® 2020 World Confluence

Caloundra, AU – Oct 16-18, 2020

Spinning Babies invites all birth professionals to our 2020 World Confluence in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast! Attend presentations and hands-on sessions with world-renowned professionals in topics such as Human Rights and Informed Consent within the context of labor and birth. Learn more about the Spinning Babies paradigm directly from our Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers and founder, Gail Tully.

The Spinning Babies® Workshop, the Parent Educator Training, and the Aware Practitioner Workshop will be offered on the days leading up to and after the Confluence.


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2-Day Spinning Babies® Workshop

This workshop is open to Doctors, Midwives, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Chiropractors, and alternative providers who assist in pregnancy and childbirth. It is recommended for people new to Spinning Babies, as well as those practiced in it for years.

  • Can you spot a long labor before it begins?
  • Use the 3 Principles of Spinning Babies(SM) and the three levels of the pelvis to match solutions and reduce cesareans.
  • Pregnancy protocols for your prenatal visits.   
  • Compare anterior and posterior fetal positions, flexion and engagement 
  • Recognize a stall in labor progress quickly and resolve it gently.  Is it CPD or does she need more time?
  • Learn and relearn the anatomy and physiology that impacts fetal position and physiological well-being in pregnancy and birth (we explore the soft tissues of muscle, ligaments, and fascia).
  • Practice the “Three Sisters of Balance(SM)” Spinning Babies® techniques to add balance to pregnancy and birth.
  • Explore the effects of occiput posterior presentation on the length of pregnancy and labor.
  • Learn a new approach to labor progress through the 3 Levels Solutions(SM) for pelvic stations or levels.
  • Thoroughly explore and practice many Spinning Babies® techniques for:

– The Inlet (rather than the latent phase)
– The Midpelvis (rather than the active phase)
– The Outlet (rather than Stage 2)

  • Learn techniques to release the fascia and mobilize the sacrum.
  • See a demonstration of Belly Mapping®
  • Compare between force techniques and our proposed physiological techniques
  • Analyse a case study of non-progressing labor to identify when Spinning Babies® concepts and techniques might be useful

Yes, the workshop is different than the website.


About the Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers based in Australia

Fiona is a mother of 4, grandmother of 1, a registered nurse & midwife, a maternal & child health nurse, independent birth educator and bodyworker. Jenny is a mother of 3, grandmother of 2, independent birthworker, educator, bodyworker, author & film maker.

Between them, they have 60+ years experience of working with birthing women and facilitating workshops. Jenny and Fiona have assisted an enormous number of birth professionals, bodyworkers and women to connect with, understand, admire, prepare and heal their sacred pelvic space.


“Spinning Babies® was the best training I’ve taken in ten years of practice – it has revolutionized my approach to working with birthing women. I feel so strongly about this training: no one who supports women in birth should be without it.”

Jessie Harrold

“I really do love the Spinning Babies® curriculum. Learned so much.”

Dr. Britta Bushnell
Childbirth Educator & Speaker

“Transference of knowledge and information is so critical to shifting the current birth and health paradigm. I’m honored to share this knowledge with expecting parents so they will be equipped with the tools to feel capable, supported, and empowered.”

Tekara Renee

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Looking for a workshop in New Zealand? Click here!


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