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Spinning Babies Workshop

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 with Nicole Morales, CPM, Spinning Babies Approved Training
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 
with Gail Tully, CPM, Spinning Babies Founder

Lunch from 12:30-2 pm. Lunch on your own in the venue.
This workshop is a prerequisite for the Bodywork Workshop. You must have attended a Spinning Babies all-day Workshop since 2015 with a Spinning Babies Approved Trainer or Gail, herself, to be eligible to attend the following 4-day program. You must attend TWO Spinning Babies® Workshops to apply for listing on the Spinning Babies Website. This allows time between for putting Spinning Babies into practice.

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Approved Workshop: Integral Touch of Birth

Thursday through Sundays

May 10-13, San Diego 

May 17-20, St. Paul

(Upcoming plans for Europe in Nov. 2018, watch for it here)

We begin each day at 8:30 am and go until to 7 pm.

  • Wednesdays: Join us for a Spinning Babies® Workshop  (Additional fee. You need this pre-requisite before attending ITB)
  • Thursday – Sunday: Integral Touch of Birth Workshop. Each day will include a combination of education, training, hands-on practice, and professional coaching by founding educators Debra McLaughlin, Adrienne Caldwell, and  Marcello Windolph. A Spinning Babies Trainer will talk about how to integrate what you learn at this workshop into the Spinning Babies paradigm.

Bring practical support for physiological birth to your community.

Revolutionize your assessment and learn new leading-edge techniques for restoring balance within the pregnant body. Global and specific themes unite the modalities of the teachers in this new birth of bodywork. Learn the relevant anatomy in practical detail and understand the requirements and conditions that allow a natural development in fetal positioning. Deepen your understanding and enrich your tools and skills of your ability to manually communicate with the life within, yourself, and your client. Gain a greater depth in your work with clients and your own fundamental approach to work.

Your personal exploration of concepts originating in Fasciatherapy (Danis Bois Method) provide an introduction powerful enough to transform the presence you bring to your current work.  We have incorporated professional coaching sessions to focus on how to integrate what you learn into your own session flow. These four-days immerse you in the Spinning Babies paradigm. There is nothing like this in the bodywork world.

Day 1


  • Welcome and introduction to the breadth and depth of our work together
  • Sensorial Introspection: creating the conditions to work on plasticity of attention/perception
  • An overview of perinatal anatomy and physiology for perspective and client education
  • Structural Analysis and academic exploration of flexion and extension within the body
  • Hands-on experience and progressive exploration of the “fascia as a sensory organ” through base movements and the unified biorhythm of flexion and extension
  • Daily Integration: flexion and extension hands-on

Day 2

  • Introspection: mobilizing attention and plasticity of perception
  • Specific prenatal assessment protocol
  • Detailed anatomy and techniques for correction
  • Spinning Babies and your bodywork practice; the language
  • Communication with internal movement and the supporting point technique
  • Daily Integration

Day 3

  • Introspection: mobilizing attention and the subjective experience of the internal movement/tonic modulation in the tissue
  • Continued detailed anatomy and techniques for correction
  • Specific global techniques
  • Spinning Babies and your bodywork practice; the check list
  • Fascial approach to specific anatomic structures
  • Daily Integration

Day 4

A day of integration for your specific practice:

  • Joining the Spinning Babies bodywork membership to promote maternal health
  • Introspection: what is presence and how can it be trained?
  • Integration of learning into individual practice and scope of practice
  • Professional coaching to create treatment/session plans. Learn how to incorporate these skills into your appointment flow with the client within sessions with hand-on practice.
  • Closing

See Continuing Education credit information on the About page.