Praise for Spinning Babies®

“Thank you, Gail Tully. You helped me visualize the baby and what to do for a beautiful VBAC birth! ” – Marion Seeley-Kreisman, Doula

“Hi Gail, my baby girl will be one in a few weeks, so naturally I am reflecting on her delivery. At about 30 weeks, my midwife said the baby was sunnyside up and recommended Spinning Babies. I incorporated the windmill, lunges and other exercises into my usual workout routine and started the forward-leaning inversion, psoas release, pelvic floor release and hip dip at home. I am a small person with naturally tight and misaligned hips and pregnancy is just terribly uncomfortable, but doing the above exercises offered tremendous relief, helped my body relax in the evenings so I could get better sleep and helped align the baby for birth. My labor and delivery was fast- 3.5 hours (she’s my second baby)- and she was face down! I’m pretty sure these exercises helped. I just directed 2 friends to your site as they are coming up on their D days [due dates]. I hope everything here helps them as it did me!”  –Susanna Kantor, happy activist of the Spinning Babies approach to balancing her birth anatomy

“Oh! And the pregnant momma that participated in your first Spinning Babies Workshop in Rochester -… I was her doula – says to tell you ‘hi’ and ‘thank you’. She had the loveliest of flowing homebirth VBACs. It was very healing, and just what she needed.” –Adriana Lozada –, The Birthful Podcast: talking to maternity pros to inform your intuition

“I am a Mother of 10 children and I’ve been finally writing down all of their birth stories. I’ve got the first 5 written and am working on #6 right now. I pulled out the midwife’s notes for this birth and noticed that well into labor she noted the baby had a ROP-T position, so I started researching this and found the Spinning Babies site. As I read through article after article, I finally had the answers to so many questions I’d had for years. Like, why does my water break first and no cx [contractions] for hours? Why do I carry so small? Why do my babies ALWAYS lay on my right side? I have scoliosis, but no caregiver I’ve ever had identified that with the way my babies lie {presentation, position, angle]. Also, labor is always in my back and nowhere else. I’m used to it, but I have wondered why it was that way every time. Out of my 10 babies at least 3 were born posterior, the others rotated in labor (I’ve never been sectioned). But I go through labor with them in the ROP position. Apparently my pelvis is roomy enough to accommodate this. I’ve spent years thinking that I was broken, the water breaking first sets the clock ticking and makes me feel like a failure or that my body has betrayed me. I wanted to believe that my body knew what it was doing, but until last night I had no confidence in this. Thank you SO much for all of the wonderful information that you have online.” — Paris G.

“Gail Tully’s Spinning Babies addresses and answers many questions regarding fetal malposition and malpresentation and slow or stalled labor. Her wisdom, knowledge of maternal fetal anatomy and original visual aids, will open your mind and enhance your skills in understanding, preventing and correcting many of these problems.” –Penny Simkin,

“You have no idea of your impact on our people. You shine, my dear! And we are gonna rock in 2018. Thank you for the presentation.” — Ana Cris Duarte

“Dear Gail, My name is Lynn Funte. I am a midwife and I attended a SpinningBabies workshop on April 28, 2014 in Harrisburg Pa. It really was the best workshop I’ve attended in my 30 years of being a midwife. Belly Mapping and doing the side lying release have become part of normal prenatal care with my clients. Thank you for your work.” — Lynn Funte

“I want to personally thank you for the Spinningbabies program, it has helped me through two separate labors and greatly reduced my labor time over each. My 3rd baby was breech at 36 weeks and using your methods couples with chiropractic work and moxibustion my baby was head down a week later. I attribute that directly to spinning babies. Thank you.“ — Deborah Hawkins

“I have had wonderful births thanks to what I learned from you !! You are one of the most influential people I have ever worked with.” — Michele Sayball, Naturopathic Doctor. Vermont, USA

“We welcomed our Spinning Babies baby this week. I had two hours of active labor – which I certainly believe happened because all of my muscles and ligaments were able to work together flawlessly! He was born at a local birthing center, assisted by wonderful midwives but caught by me! He quite literally “spun” out into the jacuzzi!” — Amber Rothermel, mother

“I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information on your website. I am 31 weeks with baby #2 and discovered she was in the frank breech position.  I did just three 30-second inversions, and have been playing a lullaby CD for 30 minutes once daily for 3 days, so far.  Today’s sonogram revealed she is now head down.  I was concerned because I also have 3 fibroids, so far they did not hinder her change of position.” –Amanda K. from Lake Mary, Florida

“I caught three babies in 24 hours and saved TWO from C/S with Spinning Babies techniques.” — Aszani Stoddard, CNM

“Thank you for all that you’re doing to spread the word that babies can and do spin into more optimal positions for birth with a little well guided support!! You’ve positively changed the outcomes of many, many births and are a blessing in the lives of the families involved!” — Angel Phillips, CST, Blessing Way Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy for Mother and Child

“You are a treasure, Gail. I use your website at so many births (I seem to attract these malpositioned babies). I’ve sent you a paypal donation before and will again. Who knows how many labors were shortened by hours because of the information on Spinning Babies.”
— H B, Birth Doula, Chicago

“Thanks to the Spinning Websites, I was able to avoid Inversion at the hospital this morning! I’m 39 weeks and my baby was transverse (after having been heads down for weeks!). I did the inversion exercise (head stand with knees on couch) 4 times yesterday and LI and behold when I got to the hospital today, she was heads down! Thank you, thank you!” — Tricia Reilly Miller, San Francisco

“One thing I really appreciate about your site is that you speak with an attitude that allows for all birth outcomes. I have to say, part of my emotional healing has been to deal with some of the more radical birth empowerment literature that promises women that any and all of us can have vaginal births if we simply try hard enough. I believe that sometimes, in our quest to lower the shockingly high c-section rate, we seem to want to behave as though no c-sections are necessary. And that is simply not true. In many cases, they are the only option left when everything else has failed. I feel like your site leaves room for this possibility, and I really appreciate that.” — AJ, Mother, after a necessary cesarean

“I’m singing praises for Spinning Babies today! My client was 10 days late and facing an induction in a few days if labor hadn’t started. I did some spinning babies techniques with her yesterday afternoon (sifting, forward-leaning inversion and the side-lying release). She literally called me 2 1/2 hours later saying that her water had broken! Contractions started shortly after and the baby was born last night! Yay Mom! Yay me! Yay Spinning Babies!!” -Sandy Tufts, Birth Doula, Lactation Counselor, & Placenta Encapsulation

“Dear Gail, Thank you so much for you wonderful presentation this weekend in Atlanta. I learned so much and am excited to share these helpful and practical tools with my moms-to-be. As a fairly new doula I was having difficulty actually ‘seeing’ the fetus during labor, but your ‘mapping’ technique has helped me there as well. I can’t wait for my next birth!” -Guina Bixler, a CAPPA doula who attended the Georgia Birth Network-sponsored Spinning Babies Workshop in April 2005

“Wow! I am a whole new Doula after the Norman workshop…thank you for changing my and all my future mommas lives, Gail:}:}:}” -Tina Harris, Birth Doula

“Dearest Gail, I just got back from a birth. Mom had been having contractions for over three weeks and at 39 weeks she went for an induction. Pitocin and prostaglandins did not help her go past 2 cm and 50-60% effaced after some 36 hours. When I arrived she had gone to 3 cm but still only 60% effaced and baby was at -3. I tried the side release… she *immediately* started trembling and saying she couldn’t take it any more. “This looks so much like transition, but it cannot be!” I thought. A check revealed she was now 10 cm and +1… baby was born not even half an hour later!!! Everyone in the room was absolutely amazed. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for SpinningBabies!” — Adele Vitale Roh, Ulsan, South Korea

“I just want to leave a note to say a huge “thank you” to you, Gail, at Spinning Babies! It has been such a blessing that you have so much free information online. I am a doula from Nebraska, but spent last winter in Mongolia. While I was there, I had the incredible privilege of helping several pregnant moms alleviate tremendous back & hip pain by using your simple techniques. Labor and delivery went very well! God bless you, Gail! You are such a blessing!!” -Ruth Wissman, Birth Doula

“I’m happy to report that I arrived for my ECV this morning at 7 am and at about 8:10 just before my IV block was placed “just in case” we discovered baby is head down! Thank you again for your support and wisdom, I will be an enthusiastic proponent for Spinning Babies for the rest of my life! Thank you Gail!!!” -Steph Nikki Eliason, Houston, TX

“I attended the workshop at everyday miracles in Minneapolis. Had a doula client call in the next day- baby time! We used every single thing I learned in class and had fantastic results. We were able to eliminate extremely sharp back labor and progress beautifully. Thank you so much!! What a service and a blessing these techniques are to mothers and labor assistants!!” -Meghan Ellwanger Moore, Birth Doula