Tammy Ryan


Tammy Ryan

Tammy Ryan loves teaching. Clockwise from the top, A fun moment with maternal positioning during the Flashlight Game. Preparing to do a bed lunge. The Sidelying Release with the person’s arm over her ear for a nice side stretch. Pictures by Katie Miles, Empowered Mama Doula Services in Witchita, Kansas, USA.


Tammy Ryan, AdvCD/BDT (DONA), SpBT is an international teacher and speaker in childbirth.

Tammy began her Spinning Babies exploration during her very first year as a doula in 2003. Tammy is also an active birth doula trainer whose curriculum is approved by DONA International. Tammy trains extensively and often does back-to-back doula training and Spinning Babies® Workshops.



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Donna Terry McQueen
Donna Terry McQueen I’ve been an LDR/LDRP RN for almost 29 years, and the class that I attended with Tammy Ryan has truly opened my eyes to a new way to look at labor. Our nurses (there were 11-12 of us that attended this session) just can’t stop talking about and sharing the things we learned.


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