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4 Weeks Pregnant: Discovery. Change. Wonder. Fear. Love.

“I am open to the changes, questions, and emotions of this pregnancy.”

You may have imagined pregnancy before, but now you are really pregnant! As you enter the fourth week of pregnancy, feelings may wash over you. Mixed feelings are normal as you adjust your sense of self. What kind of parent will you be? Will you be like your mother or father? Pregnancy offers nine months to explore your values and feelings. Through conscious decisions and transformative actions, you get to create a parenting lifestyle that reflects the hope and growth you and your baby deserve. Each generation brings their own highlights and talents to the heritage.

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Though you may not realize it right away, your child also makes the decision to come to you their parent. Together, you are a part of a bigger journey. Bringing forth life is an amazing adventure.

We invite you to bask in your glory a bit each day. You are doing something miraculousboth common and rare! Be mindful of internal change with a moment of reflection.

Spinning Babies Activity of the Week

“The first race I won was in the fallopian tube.”
Marco Conati, winner of the Minnesota State High School Swim Meet
(and one of Gail’s doula babies!)

The next nine months will bring changes and challenges to your mind, body, and spirit. Begin a self-care routine now to help you feel physically healthy and emotionally stable.

Walking, regular exercise and yoga are ideal. Some activities are not recommended. These include exercises that have sudden jolting stops or twists, such as jumping, batting, bowling, horseback riding, etc. Extreme sports and some weight lifting activities may cause uterine ligaments to become unbalanced. Even this early in pregnancy, a daily routine that works toward a balanced body can increase comfort and is effective preparation for an easier birth.

Your Baby This Week

So much is happening as your baby begins to form. This week, the embryo nestles into the lining of the uterus in the process of implantation. Your baby grows is the size of a poppy seed. The placenta, amniotic sac, and fluid are forming, while the basis of baby’s spine and brain have already formed.

You This Week

Pregnancy hormones increase quickly. You might not notice any changes yet, or you may notice some bloating or mood swings. Slight spotting is normal and is a sign of the embryo’s implantation in the wall of the uterus. If bleeding is as heavy as your period, or lasts several days, call your care provider.

For most pregnancies, a prenatal vitamin and other essential supplements offers nutrients for you and your baby. Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. You may notice a heightened aversion to red meat, smoke, gas fumes or cleaning products. This is your body reacting to help you avoid toxins.

Weekly Affirmation

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that can affect your conscious thoughts. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and repeat the following to yourself each day throughout the next week:


“I am open to the changes, questions, and emotions of this pregnancy.”
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