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16 Weeks Pregnant: Urges and Intuition

“I feel nourished as I listen to what my body and heart need.”

In our fast-moving society, we’re used to filling our calendars and checking off our to-do lists. It’s not often that we slow down enough to listen to our bodies and hearts, asking ourselves what we truly need. The baby growing inside calls us to begin paying attention.

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Begin noticing your urges and intuition now. What comes up? Follow what your body and heart ask for. Eat when you’re hungry, move when you’re stiff, rest when you’re tired and nourish your body with healthy foods when you’re hungry. Need to cry? Go for it. Notice your feelings — perhaps keep a journal if you don’t already.

By tapping into your urges and intuition during your pregnancy, you will find it easier to tap into what you need during labor, birth and eventually, parenting. Those interested in learning more may want to read Sister MorningStar’s book The Power of Women, Instinctual Birth Stories or Birthing From Within by Pam England.

Spinning Babies Activity of the Week

Give your psoas (SO-as) a break with a Psoas Release. So what’s the psoas? It’s a large pair of muscles that wrap from the spine, between the pelvis and the ribs, to the front of the pelvis (like cradling wings). They drop down to attach to the top of the thigh bone. They help us walk upright and support our abdominal organs. Psoas tone can affect fetal position and baby’s descent during labor. In Taoist traditions, the psoas is thought of as “the muscle of the soul.”

Learn how to unravel your psoas in this video by the wonderful Liz Koch of Core Awareness. You can do this any time during your pregnancy or during labor.

Your Baby This Week

At 2.5 ounces and a bit over 5 inches long, your baby’s ears have settled into their final position and the head is more upright.

You This Week

Any time between now and 20 weeks, you’ll begin noticing a tiny fluttery sensation, like gas bubbles. That will be the first sensation of your baby moving.


Your blood volume increases 30-50% when pregnant. As a result, it’s common to experience low iron (anemia) during pregnancy. Since over-the-counter iron supplements may cause constipation, you can try boosting iron stores naturally with iron-rich foods, such as spinach, kale, oatmeal, beans, and eggs. By combating anemia, you’ll also help battle fatigue, depression, stress, and irritability. [1] It’s recommended that pregnant people consume about 30 mg of iron a day. It’s best absorbed if you get this from food, including veggies, legumes, and meat. If you find you need some supplementation, liquid iron supplement is easily absorbed and gentle on your stomach.


Weekly Affirmation

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that can affect your conscious thoughts. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and repeat the following to yourself each day throughout the next week. Fill yourself with breath and feel the joy:


“I feel nourished as I listen to what my body and heart need.”


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