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Easier birth with fetal positioning.

Use this site and videos to improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior) and birth. Reduce the chance of cesarean.


Daily Essentials

Activities for pregnancy comfort & easier birth

Gail Tully, midwife of Spinning Babies fame, along with Sarah Longacre, international prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula, offer a unique instructional video for comfort in pregnancy now, and flexibility for your upcoming birth. These daily activities begin balancing your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position. Buy full video (79 min.)

Spinning Babies Parent Class

Preparation for physiological birth

Not your usual childbirth class! Spinning Babies Parent Class shows you what to do for an easier birth with practical and detailed preparation to help baby in the best position to fit the pelvis and solutions when labor seems long, painful, or has a stall! And, if practiced daily, an easier labor and birth are likely. Buy full video (116 min.)

Workshops for Pregnancy & Birth Professionals

The Spinning Babies® Workshop

The foundation for the rest!

Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Approved Workshops

Spinning Babies® 2020 World Confluence

Fetal Classic Compass Rose

What is Spinning Babies?

Spinning Babies is an approach to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for the easing of childbirth. Spinning Babies is a new paradigm that takes clues from baby’s position and station for natural, physiological solutions. Try it in any birth setting, childbirth program, or pain management plan.
  • Align the uterus so baby can curl and enter the pelvis as a small, compact – and more active participant.
  • Release tight ligaments or muscles which may pull or twist may relieve pelvic pain now or discomfort during birth.
  • Support what’s loose in womb or pelvis with a pregnancy belt.
  • Open the pelvis to let baby move down during the birth process.
  • Share birth wisdom with parents and providers in ever deepening layers of understanding birth
Begin with activities to support the range of motion and alignment, to reach a healthy mix of mobility and stability for the pelvis. Comfort and function return to the body.

Every day I hear happy results:

  • Back labor eased
  • Breech babies that flip head down
  • Transverse (sideways) babies suddenly turn head down – cesarean canceled!
  • Posterior babies (sunny-side-up) rotate and/or descend
  • First labors occurring regularly in 8 hours or less
  • Cesareans canceled outside the OR; baby already born!
  • More natural births and VBACs around the world!

Together we notice that when women restore the balance in their muscles and alignment in the pelvis, birth goes better.

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Message From Founder Gail Tully on Equity

Late at night in my city of Minneapolis, I seek to formulate a statement to support a new tomorrow from the horrors of today. The pandemic called Racism-20 is yet another resurge of a 400 year economic and social virus. George Floyd's death under police restraint...

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Creator of Spinning Babies Gail Tully

Gail Tully, CPM – Creator of Spinning Babies®

“I believe childbirth can be instinctual, pleasurable, and easier. But what, you ask, about fear and pain in labor?  How come 1 in 3 Americans birth by cesarean if birth is so natural? Could it be that something was missing?

“As a midwife, I’ve developed a new approach to address fetal position and overall comfort. The result? Progress in labor and less pain in childbirth.” is for parents, providers, doulas, and childbirth educators. Online since 2002.

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