eClass for Pregnant Parents

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Begin your learning adventure through Spinning Babies Understanding Childbirth Education eClass! This quality childbirth education program is professionally made and has Gail’s midwifery-biased tips along with unqiue Spinning Babies material added. Take a look at the sample chapter to see the way the material is presented. I think you’ll be pleased.  I am! 

You receive all this:

  • 24-hour access for 90 days
  • Professionally-made videos
  • Bright, to-the-point slideshows
  • Downloadable PDFs with illustrations and additional info
  • Gail Tully’s Spinning Babies Parent Handout eBook!
    • This ebook is not available unless you take her class.
  • Links to other great resources 

NOTE: This is not Daily Essentials exercise video. The Spinning Babies Parent Class video  would make a good follow up after this eclass as it goes further and deeper into preparation and problem solving.

Understanding Childbirth can be yours to discover for 3 luxurious months! Take a peek at the sample chapter and see the quality before you order.

InJoy eClass Preview: Understanding Birth

After paying for the class you will receive a welcome email within 48 hours (if not, email me right away!). Click the link to finish the registration process. Class begins 24-48 hours from “click.” Email if you have any trouble. Order your eClass access now!

Need more questions answered? Included are two ways to contact “The Spinning Babies Lady:”

  • A special email invitation for limited email contact if your question isn’t covered in the eClass or at the Spinning Babies Website
  • A special phone consultation offer with a special low price only for eClass registrants

Through webpages, video, slideshows, PDFs and links to great online resources, you will receive a comprehensive birth preparation sure to please. The first part (the tab “eClass”) is more about childbirth in general than Spinning Babies. You get a foundation of Spinning Babies advice that makes understanding Spinning Babies much easier for you. Gail’s personal commentary on the main material is found in the “Service & Info” tab. It’s almost like having a conversation with Gail as she shares what she thinks about your class material!

Order now and make use of the nutritional advice and maternal positioning tips! It is a great price for a great class – one that you can work on any time you have a few minutes. It couldn’t be more convenient!ECLASS

You will be pleased with the overall excellent flow of material in this class. It is so easy to navigate! Take a month to explore and return to study the details that catch your interest. Gather your family around your computer and watch the videos and take the little tests together.

Links to areas you need more information in the Spinning Babies Website will make it easier to go back and forth between the eClass and

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There’s a Pregnancy Tea recipe waiting for you! Get your cup ready and pour on the eClass!