To Turn a Posterior Baby

Dear Readers, 

Today I received three emails, three, from women who asked me where my information was for turning a posterior baby!  

I was rather flabbergasted! Afterall, I developed this site over ten years ago specifically for helping rotate posterior babies. Its not like I can offer one pregnancy activity that rotates all posterior babies from the right side to your left, from your posterior to your anterior.  Its a process. You have many muscle layers, internal structures and pelvic aligning to attend to so that the uterus comes into Balance and allows your little one the full space needed to come around to occiput anterior. Almost every technique, every article of advice, on every topic here helps rotate posteriors. Some of you only need a few of them, but many of you need many of them, and from early on in pregnancy. So get going, Girlfriend.

The only techniques I DON'T want you to do in pregnancy with a HEAD DOWN baby are the Open-Knee Chest and the Breech Tilt. Leave those for the Mamas with Breechlings. The rest is for all Mamas,  even those of you with anterior babies, and especially those of you with posterior babies and babies on your right side.    (Read directions carefully to find out if you are an exception.)  

With even more determination to serve Mamas and Babies, Gail Tully