Dynamic Body Balancing

So much of what I learned about Balance was defined for me by Dr. Carol Phillips, DC. I thought I'd introduce you to Carol's work.

The first video shows a pregnant woman with significant sciolosis of the spine helped to come into Balance by Carol's techniques the month before. Carol does her series of checks on each part of her body. The baby has moved into the Left Occiput Anterior position since the previous visit. Ideal! Find a Dynamic Body Balancing bodyworker in the US at Carol Phillips' www.DynamicBodyBalancing.com

The techniques on the Spinning Babies Website taught to the birth world by Carol Phillips are:


This is the first video on Dynamic Body Balancing. See more videos on Carol Phillips' YouTube Station.


You can hear the mother explain the progress she has experienced since her previous appointment with Dr. Phillips.

The second interview is an overview, given to Hay House Publishing from Dr. Phillips, explaining the Dynamic Body Balancing approach:

How to do a diaphragmatic release online excerpt from an article in Midwifery Today Magazine by a midwife using a technique taught by Dr. Phillips.

Visit Carol Phillips' Dynamic Body Balancing Website