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The following article discusses induction and getting labor going with a Spinning Babies approach. 

Spinning Babies doesn't recommend induction of labor, whether by natural means or with medications. Its not the place of this website to make medical decisions. 

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Android Pelvis


Hi!! I am not currently pregnant, but I have had 2 babies, both born by c-section.
The first was induced and after stalling out at 7 cm with a cervical swelling I had a c-section.
The second I went for a VBAC with a group of midwives. I had contractions for 2 weeks before my water broke. Once it broke my contractions stopped. 12 hours later we decided to start pit for an hour to get things going. Once labor was good and going they turned the pit off.
I labored standing, while rotating my hips, squatting on a birth ball or toilet, hands and knees. The contractions were very strong, almost unbearable and towards the end I could feel my body pushing on its own.
After 7 hours of this very strong labor I was complete but baby hadn't even gotten into the pelvic inlet. My midwife said that I had a very small android pelvis after she felt around for a few minutes.
We would like to have another baby but I would also like to find out if there is anything at all I can do about my pelvis shape and size and try again for a VBAC. Any and all information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Gail's response:

You are on quite a journey. I can't promise a vaginal birth next time, as I don't know the degree of challenge you face with your brim. Many women with android pelvises may have their first baby cesarean and the next vaginally. 

Balance is the beginning of all possibilities. 
I would expect you will need expert body work for your neck, jaw, and pelvis. Psoas release and better birth support.
Another aspect that may likely help will be growing a healthy but small baby. Eat for your type and eat enough calories!! Don't starve, that's not what I mean!
But skip the whites (white sugar, white flour, white potatos and white rice), all sugar/honey, and keep grains to a serving or two a day. LImit dairy to one serving, plus a pad of butter.
Water, salt-to-taste, and supplements are all important.
So since you will be eating enough healthy calories, you will have to move and keep moving to attain a healthy yet smaller baby. We want the baby to be perfectly healthy and strong and full term. 
Just, not corn and sugar fed. 
An LOA baby position to start labor will help. Movement and freedom in labor with good support will be important.
Open the brim and hope for engagement by 38 weeks or by a few hours into labor 
Allow for a long pushing stage and monitor for progress. Electrolyte drinks and eating in 2nd stage can help.
Have your attendant skilled in helping out the shoulders as well as supporting a long second stage to be prepared in case baby's shoulders need help, which is somewhat more likely with an android pelvis, but still not common
Starting labor is beneficial even with another cesarean, but with this plan if your brim is really ok you can certainly make it. I've helped many women in this situation have a vaginal birth. It may be work, but labor will be blessed work. Please follow Divine guidance and not ideology, which is to include listening for what is really needed at the time. 
Please let me know how it goes for you. 

Easier childbirth with fetal positioning





Babies settle in the easiest position they can for birth. 

In labor, they begin from that position to turn to rotate 

through the pelvis... like a key unlocking the door. 



Mother’s job is to dilate; Baby’s job is to rotate.


Easier rotation may mean an easier labor.


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A short description of a woman and baby's anatomy 

as it pertains to fetal position.

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