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Gail Tully at a Spinning Babies Workshop

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Spinning Babies and nutrition

I just can't help myself. As a midwife and doula over the years, I can't talk about childbirth without emphasizing good food and lifestyle choices.

Healthy birth comes from a healthy life, as well as good care practices. Please eat well - many fresh veggies, some fresh meat and/or wise vegetarian proteins, whole boiled or soaked grains (and not much bread), seaweeds, omega oils and salt-to-taste each day. Drink more than 8 glasses of water, including pregnancy tea and other non-carbonated, non-caffienated drinks. Watch the milk, too much isn't as good as using a mix of calcium sources. Boil the bones for minerals and gelatin for your soup broth. Don't avoid all fat, just eat smart fats, like sardines, soaked almonds, avocados and a little butter. Eat very little sugar or sweetened foods.  Don't smoke or do drugs before or during pregnancy; you, or your man, either. Take Vitamin D every day, unless you live in the semitropics or tropics and get sun on skin for an hour a day (which may have its own issues). Breathe deep. Laugh. Laughter is food for the soul. These things really do matter. We can't go back in time, so eat well today. Pick the healthier choice.

A little Praise...and not

What can I say? These really lift my spirits... (or inspire me to improve):

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Body Balancing (body work)

Babies grow inside their mother's body; obviously. But think again. Babies grow inside another body. All of our bodies are affected over time by movement and posture. Interacting with motion, rest, emotion, and big or small impacts, and gravity plays upon the muscles, joints, ligaments --and the membranous fascia wrapping these structures, including the uterus and pelvis. For some of us, living on this planetat this time brings a change in our body's symmetry in response to all these events.

Body work can bring about a balance in the body that helps the baby settle into bonus casino en ligne a position that complements the birthing process. There are various types of body work. Some are better for Optimal Fetal Positioning than others. I've learned a combination of myofascial release with craniosacral therapy through Dr. Carol Phillips, DC, creator of Dynamic Body Balancing. She does workshops in St. Paul, Annapolis, and Denver. Applying Dynamic Body Balancing with pregnant and laboring women has made a tremendous difference in birth outcomes. Anyone can start with her Level One class.

Look at Body Work and Professional Help under Techniques for types of body work used for Optimal Fetal Positioning.

Spinning Babies and Yoga

altYoga for fetal positioning
Yoga practice includes repeated stretches of virtually every muscle. As muscles stretch with movement and deep breathing, so moves the fascia helping old imbalances eventually come into balance. Regular yoga will stabilize and strengthen the pelvis. Many poses must be practiced 3 or more times a week, but even weekly yoga is somewhat beneficial. I believe women with a regular practice both before and during pregnancy, with focus on stabilizing the pelvis during asanas, are likely to have well positioned babies. 

Regular and correct postures are of course important to see results. See more pictures of poses when you click "Click for yoga." Study reference follow.

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Spinning Babies and Homeopathy


Homeopathy and fetal positioning
I’m not a homeopath. Seek a professional homeopath out for the best results. Here’s some stories. This information is not enough to direct someone on the use of homeopathics. This information is for discussion only.

Pulsatilla, wind flower, is especially helpful when tissue tension is an issue, such as tight round and/or broad ligaments. Pulsatilla seems to soften the lower uterine segment and give the baby room to reposition. Other remedies are discussed further down the article.

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Spinning Babies and Doulas


A doula (doo-la) nurtures the social experience of childbirth, and by doing this, improves physical and psychological outcomes.
Doula is a Greek word now used to mean a person who gives emotional support, comforting techniques, information and advocacy during the time surrounding childbirth. A doula supports the mother, and her partner, before, during and after childbirth.

Many doulas have a unique interest in fetal positioning. Supporting natural birth in the hospital setting is easier when the baby is well positioned. 

Photo by Kim Garrett, © Maternity House Publishing, Inc.

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Resolving Shoulder Dystocia

FlipFOLP for shoulder dystociaResolving Shoulder Dystocia in the Active, Mobile Woman

Gail Tully, CPM, became interested in communicating to midwives and doctors about Shoulder Dystocia after observing a higher incidence following the labors in which OP babies rotated to OA before emerging. (Incidence is actually less likely in babies who emerge OP.) **Scroll down to see the trailer for her Resolving Shoulder Dystocia video.

Gail developed a memory tool called FlipFLOP to help birth attendants free the stuck shoulders with little chance of birth injury. Non-drugged birthing women have more options to put their pelvis to work to free the shoulders from the pelvis. It would be helpful for women birth attendants to learn techniques that give them the leverage to rotate the baby's shoulders free. See how to do it after the trailer for Resolving Shoulder Dystocia.

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