The birth was like this.
Mom decided to get an epidural due to the discomfort of labor. A few hours into the epidural it was apparent that she was getting break through pain localized in her left hip. After an hour of pain the anesthesiologist decided to replace the epidural. At this point I started to suspect a baby's head was in the moms hip!
They replaced the epidural and it did nothing to cover the pain in moms left hip.
At this point the nurse did a vaginal exam and was convinced that the baby was asynclitic and suspected to be in the posterior position as well. Moms water had broke at the onset of labor. The anesthesiologist explained there was nothing more he could do for her pain.
I then set forth to help get this baby off of moms hip to help her get relief. Due to her epidural she had some limited mobility but she had full function of her legs.
First I did the side lying relese on both side and then we did knee chest position with some deep tissue massage of the hips for about an hour. Mom was even able to do a kneeling lunge while in the bed. After about an hour and a half moms pain in her hip was eliminated and when the nurse check mom the baby had come down in the pelvis from a -2 station to a 0 station and the baby's sutures were now mid-line and was believed to be in a anterior position! 
Mom was very happy to no longer be feeling the pain in her hip! Thanks, Spinning Babies, for your amazing techniques!
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