Minneapolis Doula, Liz Hochman, shares this delightful story of her immediate use of what she learned that same night! I'd asked Liz to share the story with the DONA Speaker Selection Committee hoping they'll pick me for the 2012 conference line up. Its such a sweet letter, and educational, that I am sharing it with you here. Follow up, DONA selected Sarah Longacre and I to present on The Doula in the New Frontier, Chidlbirth Education on the Yoga Mat. However, Midwives Aliance of North America selected Gail to give her topic at their 2012 Asilomar Conference. 



I desperately wanted to know more! Why did this work? How could this work? When to do these techniques and when to proceed normally? Fast forward a few months and my local Childbirth Collective, that I am an active member of, decided to host Gail Tully for one of our free Parent Topic Nights, dedicating the whole evening to Intro to Spinning Babies. [Gail’s note: I’m the founder and local so I do present without charge for short Collective events!] I encouraged all of my clients to attend and two of them did come with their partners.


Gail's presentation style is engaging and informative to say the least.  This was the first time I was fortunate enough to watch Gail speak on the issues of asyncliticism and fetal positioning.  Her visual aids alone are so helpful for the visual learners in the group. My client afterwards said, “it was so much easier to understand when she used all of the props.”


What I especially enjoy about Gail is that she is approachable in her steady and easy way.  Each mother she talks to seems to walk away beaming. My client said, “I felt like she gave me permission to trust my instincts on where my baby is.” As a newer doula I was intimidated at the prospect of asking questions or talking with Gail until I actually reached out to her and was so pleasantly surprised. She gives you the distinct feeling that you have something to bring to the table. That this is a collaboration of learning instead of an 'expert' instructing you on their findings. 


Only mere hours after both my client and I watched Gail's presentation I got the call at 3:30AM from my client saying her water had just broke. She spent the morning easily laboring at home until she asked me to join her. When I saw her I observed that she was working hard with her contractions now 3 minutes apart.  She complained of pain in both her back and sometimes her hip. When she decided to go to the hospital she was checked and was 9 ½ cm. The midwife did say though that the baby was asynclitic and posterior, but also very low (+1/+2). 


Since my client had the information so newly with her she looked at me and we knew exactly what to do.  I proceeded to use the Rebozo as Gail had showed us the night before where the mom is lying on her back propped with pillows under her sacrum in the hopes of giving us enough room to re-engage the baby in a way that would be more aligned.  Then we followed with lunges and thepelvic floor release during 3 contractions on each side.  A small gush happened during one of the lunges and the midwife checked again telling us that the asyncliticism was gone and baby was now LOP [left occiput posterior]! This Mama had a vaginal birth with no tearing only a short time after this check.


I can not sing Gail's praises enough! I urge you to grant Gail the platform to educate on fetal positioning and asyncliticism at the DONA conference. I know more than a few doulas that would be happily anticipating her session.



Liz Hochman CD(DONA)

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Hi Gail, 

I want to say thank you! A first time mother's posterior birth went well [with] a short labor. Membranes ruptured about 8am. Her labor started about 6pm: 3cm dilated; LOP station -1; cervix soft and effaced. 

We did rebozo sifting, sidelying release, abdominal lift and tuck, standing sacral release, Dip the hip, circling on the birth ball, lunge and she birthed at 9.58pm in sidelying position with hands around the husband's neck.

Baby's head showed more molding on the right side. What you taught in the workshop and website made a difference!

Chiew Gin, Doula, Singapore