Hi Gail,

I took your workshop at DONA this
summer [2011], and have really been enjoying incorporating all of your info into my work.
First, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful website. (Love the updates.)  I send clients there regularly; but am exceptionally thankful for the mom I helped VBA2C yesterday with your help. 
Her last two C's were due to failure to progress - She got to 7 and 9 cm each time. 22 and 31 hours of labor.  One baby was posterior, she is unsure about the other. I suspect that one was also some kind of positional issue. 
Pelvic Floor Release or Side-lying Release to help engagement and over come an asynclitic presentation in laborI had her doing your techniques during pregnancy, and also had her getting Chiropractic care.  She delivered a beautiful baby girl yesterday  only 12 hours after her very first hint at labor. We used the pelvic floor release when she was stuck at 6cm for an hour and she immediately progressed!  Thanks so much for all you do!!

Amy Peterson CD(DONA), CLC
Amy added later, in another email:
"I wish I had thought to take her picture while we were doing the release - but dad was asleep and I had my hands full LOL!    - Next time!!   I had been joking with mom at the time that I was going to tell you about her if this worked.
You should also know that the hospital I was at uses your techniques too!  One of the nurses has been teaching the others about it.   The nurse I was working with knew the [side-lying] pelvic floor release was a "spinning babies position",  but didn't know what it was called..."
When Amy asked the mother for my permission to post her story on this page, the mother wrote back:
Hi, Amy: 
Please feel free to pass my information along to Gail (name and picture would be absolutely fine) - her website was an amazing resource towards the end of my pregnancy and I really do believe that every little bit helped to prepare both myself and the baby for the actual birth.
Photo, top left, is of this amazing mama, Tania, and her baby Alice! 
What a great moment caught by doula Amy Peterson, houndhill.com

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Hi Gail, 

I want to say thank you! A first time mother's posterior birth went well [with] a short labor. Membranes ruptured about 8am. Her labor started about 6pm: 3cm dilated; LOP station -1; cervix soft and effaced. 

We did rebozo sifting, sidelying release, abdominal lift and tuck, standing sacral release, Dip the hip, circling on the birth ball, lunge and she birthed at 9.58pm in sidelying position with hands around the husband's neck.

Baby's head showed more molding on the right side. What you taught in the workshop and website made a difference!

Chiew Gin, Doula, Singapore